8:59 am, May 28, 2015

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  • 2-3 percent?
    Yawn. How much did people's retirement accounts drop? You can't cut the defense budget. It's a matter of National Security!
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  • Gates to the rescue
    deployed decoy
    I tend to agree the tail is leading the way these days. Just look at the federally funded Family Support Groups actions. The FRGs basically used federal money to organize military spouses a few months ago to storm DOD front offices (why are they federally funded at all). Their grip, they were not going to get free money to go to school any more. In the end DOD bent (Im sure not Mr gates proper) and found money to continue that program. I only want to know if some of that found money is the reason Army Central command about 45 days ago ordered the troop medical clinics to start providing a lower level of health care to federal employees who are not funded with blood money received from Kuwait. Never mind the DOD Directive is to provide the same level of care to us decoys as uniformed troops. The military has grown to the best welfare to work program in the USA. Even the honest and hard working folks that don’t come if for the health care or tax free allowances to house a family of six, benefit immensely from huge incentives (tax free most of them) that in my day in the all volunteer force were unheard of. Besides much lower entrance standards for both heath status or former gang membership these days. I wanted to come back on active duty in 1984 and was turned down for a high frequency hearing loss, incurred on active duty. It took me 5 years to get VA to pay me 10% plus interest since I was so disabled I could not be an active duty computer programmer with ZERO speech understanding loss of hearing.
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