6:53 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • OPM Manage it please
    deployed decoy
    The single biggest failure with NSPS was no set rules. Well DOD did make up rules, but agencies then felt compelled to add to them, then lower HR folks added to those or made up new policies. To the point local pay pools failed to follow higher HQs instructions. Then compounding it all the pay pool rules were modified and not released to the work force, in at least one case after the end of the rating period by the PRA in Nov 2008. Then 5 people (mostly military and not subject to NSPS) on the pay pool called it fair when they applied rules to one pay pool but not the next group across the hall for another pay pool in the same PRA. I still think termination of good of the service is due for every DOD and DA NSPS management and every pay pool manager, PRA on the planet. So PLEASE OPM do what your name implies and MANAGE personnel.
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  • Hiring
    The hiring practices do need some help. I work with a lady that put in for a job at IRS, after 6 months they called her for an interview. She had forgotten she had even applied for the job! Then, on top of that, they hired her on a Thursday, she had to come in Friday to do paperwork, and was off for 5 weeks training on Monday. Luckily she was married with no kids and didn't have to make arrangements for mail, pets, kids, etc. in two days! The IRS also puts out Roster's asking for applications, then may or may not hire over a year period. They need to annouce, review and hire with at least two months, with a week before any major travel. Even the internal hires take forever. The fasted I ever heard of was a guy who got an upgrade in the same position, same POD, same manager. He was the only one to apply and it still took a month after the closing date. That's fast. For most internal applications, if you get hired, you may not hear for 3 months or longer. Some take 6 - 9 months to hear that you didn't get hired. Yes, reform is needed here.
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