11:29 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • No more snow days...reallyt
    Just exactly how do you get to a secure system from home. Seems like OPM is not thinking about those of us who on a daily basis must deal with classified material. Is everyone going to get a safe at home? A STE, a classified line. Really guys, there are some limits to telework. I've been called in from home to look at classified emails, classified directives etc. Perhaps OPM needs to become more sophisticated in their pronouncements. And by the way, when there are kids to watch what is the work rule then? I don't get to bring my kids to work, so how will that work with telework.
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  • Some problems with this approach
    Bill Samuel
    There are some issues with having no snow days in favor of a "work at home day" approach: - The previous commenter noted security concerns. In our office, we have people who must work with PII, and they never take their laptops from the office to protect the PII. - Storms mean a good chance of disruption in power and phone service in residential areas, so taking one's laptop home when there's an impending storm does not necessarily mean that you will actually be able to put in a day's work from home and be available by telephone (not only may land lines be disrupted, but without power you can't keep cell phones charged). During last winter's storms, we did have people who were scheduled to work at home but were unable to do so for these reasons. - Major snow storms require people to spend large amounts of time clearing snow so that they will be able to get out and go to work whenever they return to the office environment. With some of the storms we've had, that may be 6-8 hours of shoveling. People can't be expected to do this at night and still be able to work during the day. One purpose a snow day serves is to give employees a chance to shovel out at home. While a number of Federal employees did succeed in working during the storms from home, it is not a universal solution.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Snow Days
    Kenny Ray
    Another question, what about those of us who have real jobs, you know the ones who actually have to perform work at work? I agree snow days should be a thing of the past. If it snows that bad, furlough. There isn't anyone inside the beltway who can't afford a day without pay
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  • Got it
    deployed decoy
    All OPM needs to give me is a 200kVA UPS, a 360kVA back up generator (you will also need to keep it fuled and the oil changed), a satellite phone and modem and a computer that is kept on 24/7 so all the updates hit. thus OPM will also need to pay 5% of my electrict bill for that computer and added coolign during the summer due to the BTU heat index the comupter adds to my home.
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