7:44 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Law is for it
    deployed decoy
    My private feelings aside (and they are vastly different from what I am about to write), let us consider the American Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms was NEVER about duck hunting. It was written into the freedom of the countries law of the land, to protect the people from a runaway anarchists federal government. If some person (who is a LEGAL American) wants to own a gun, they have every right to do so. Unless they have been convicted of spousal battery and that conviction prevents them from owning a firearm or for that matter ever serving their country in the war zone because they cannot ever again touch a weapon. If a suspected terrorist wants a gun, they can have one. If some militia group wants a nuclear weapon, by rights they should likewise be approved to own one. They could then mount the nuke on say the NYC subway system, such that the weapon would never be exposed to a 1st strike since the trains are as random and unpredictable as Pi. So until the federal Govt gets a constitutional amendment though that will then place guns only in the hands of only the federal Govt (and criminals). Know that a strike is possible on any street corner in the heartland. In the meantime feel free to shoot back if you have been exposed to a deadly force first strike by either a terrorist or run away corrupt federal Govt (better have REAL good proof about the Govt thing). On the contrary we are only allowed to pursue happiness, no one made it a federal law we would be happy. Our system is surly not perfect, but it sure beats the Middle East where 13YO girls are married off to their 40YO uncle (very happy uncle) and the human slave trade prospers. But wait, I think FLDS in Colorado City, AZ still do the old uncle thing in pursuit of freedom of religion.
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