6:55 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Better, Brighter Fed Employees
    I'm really tired of hearing about this. Some of us have advanced degrees, but due to the time in grade restrictions, can't advance with our degree alone. What really stinks is the fact that if I wasn't already a govt. employee I wouldn't be restricted by this rediculous hiring practice. With a Masters Degree I could apply for GS-9 and sometimes GS-11 jobs with a combination of education and experience. But since I am a govt. employee as a GS-7, I can't even apply most of the time because of the time-in-grade restrictions. Someone please explain to me how this is remotely fair, and stop talking about "wanting the best and brightest." Look around, you will see some of the best and brightest already work for the federal government, give them a chance to show their stuff.
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