4:54 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • what?
    DTS...well it S U C K S! and the people that man the phones are a bunch of knuckleheads. It's usage is up because IT'S THE ONLY THING WE HAVE. I wish I could call somebody and make my arrangements, but oh no the DoD has gotten rid of all its admin support. Not only is the system slow, it routinley drops flights, hotel room and renatal car resevations. I use it about every other month and 4 out of 5 times the system has somekind of issue. The old FAST travel was much much better.
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  • Defense Travel Service
    deployed decoy
    DTS never worked. In several years as a card carrying DOD traveler. I went to so many versions of DTS training I could not begin to remember the correct way of doing things. Same said for my managers. I just gave up on ever getting travel (in and around) money back after no less than THREE claims NEVER were paid. The enterprise failed on top of major flaws in the system. Emmm Sounds like another DOD waste of money called NSPS. But to say rules need changed is not the fix. The JTR is specific. It is DOD and DA that adds rules to confuse everyone. Then even with the printed JTR code Army will not pay some travel claims until a SES gets an email from a distress traveler looking for their money. Needless to say sending the SES does get tit fixe, but then everyone who blew it chews you out. Course when I got to Kuwait and in a mandatory travel status. I ONLY found out my agency turned off my US Govt card when I called the bank about a cryptic letter they sent. I asked the master card holder why my card was turned off and the answer was I could not be trusted and it would be turned back on when I needed it… I called the bank and terminated the card and will NEVER hold a travel card again while employed with DOD. I hit the road with USDA and USDI for 15 years with a $25k card and was audited by the federal center several times. In every case the letter I received was I was the example to follow. Guess DOD is scared to death another SES IV will use their card in a donkey bar in Mexico and takes it out on everyone, hey the Army way.
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