4:21 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Guards
    deployed decoy
    In my lowly opinion all guards of all US installations and property should be US federal employees. First it will not require a costly and the months of contract modifications to send a team over to the next post 30 miles away with feds, like it would contractors. Then the security investigation process is owned by the USG, not some contracted operation. If they are even legal to work in the USA will never become an issue as a US Federal employee. Most importantly the guards here in Kuwait as I hear the truth told can have as many as FOUR felony convictions (none firearm related) and still be handed an assault rifle and side arm to inspect vehicles at the front gate. The more alarming condition is the same folks basically can be federal convicts in rehab in tactical vehicles in the turret on crew served weapons at the gate. Lessons learned should be applied, pick our friends wisely, not like we armed Bin Laden when he was on our side against the Russians in a long ago forgotten Afghanistan. At least the real under paid part of the guard force from places so depressed they will come here for $400 a month are not given guns at the gate.
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