12:31 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Significant Misinformation in this article
    The article indicates that clearances can be obtained in as little as ten days to two weeks for an Interim Secret. What the article FAILS to indicate is that many DISA, NSA, and other government intelligence and defense programs require Top Secret with Lifestyle Polygraph clearances, and NONE of the agencies or contractor companies that work for them are willing to allow potentential employees to get the polygraph. My Top Secret clearance originally took two years to processes. SCI took only about 90 days. My 5 year reinvestigation took several months. I NEED a polygraph, but don't have a polygraph yet because, even after applying to hundreds of positions for which I'm qualified, no government agency and no contracting company will allow me (or anyone else) to get the polygraph. They all expect you to have the polygraph before they will allow you on the program, and you can't GET the polygraph unless you're in a position on a program that requires it. It is a genuine "Catch-22" condition that prevents millions of qualified people from obtaining employment, and forces many positions to remain unfilled. So, all of you unemployed IT workers (I'm one) can go to the Jobfair, but you shouldn't expect that you will find work, because if you don't already have the polygraph, you will NOT be allowed to join the program and then get it. This is a vicious form of discrimination against citizens, fully supported by the USA government. One cannot get the polygraph on own's own. It must be arranged by a sponsoring organization. The kicker in all of this is that citizens are allowed to get fingerprinted by themselves at local police departments, we can get drug testing done at local labs, yet we cannot even PAY PROFESSIONALS to polygraph us and then send the results to the security organizations so that we can be considered for employment. Add to that the fact that polygraphs are not admissable in court cases, because they are unreliable, and you have to wonder why the long, involved Top Secret background investigation is not sufficient to prove one's loyalty. It's a SHAM, and it is a shameful practice that denies honest citizens the opportunity to work.
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