4:47 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Sounds like Health Care Reform
    was "crafted very fast." It was a top-down driven system that did not have buy-in and trust and understanding for those who were effected.
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  • kenifer47
    deployed decoy
    I agree. But as part of crafting fast, every level of idiot that gets to, added to the overaching regulation. Then folks did not bother to follow their own written word. My pay pool violated DoD and Army regulatory mandatory written law for both the pay cycles I lived in this mess. Army Europe formal direction was not followed by Army Europe to boot in 2009. Stuck on broken. Now we will reconvert to the LOWEST salary they can figure that meets congress direction. In cases of many IT co workers, over a net loss of $7,000 reconverting direct in to special rate tables. My suggestion is congress order a DOD wide pay day by pay day audit since hire or conversion, assuming everyone got a perfect 3.00, add in special ate salaries and pay everyone a truck load more money. Then if the SECDEF proper says I am sorry, we dont sue in a federal wide class action.
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  • HReinvented: Why NSPS didn't work
    Please explain to me (again) why DoD cannot preserve the established and successful General Schedule system...and implement increased accountability and pay-for-performance metrics. The GS system has its defects, but it aligns with military ranks and chain of command, and it should be improved rather than eliminated. NSPS is inherently flawed and failed for the same reasons its private-sector analogs have struggled: workplace cultural barriers, insufficient resourcing of pay pools, and ineffective implementation by management.
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