6:29 am, May 26, 2015

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  • USDA
    JR Samples
    It still takes HR a month or more to get us the applications to review - and we typically receive no more than 10 - 15 for a vacant position, often less than 10.
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  • This is a noble step forward. HOWEVER...
    This is a noble step forward. HOWEVER... The obvious questions are: How is cutting 21 days out of an average 140 day process a significant improvement? How fresh are the candidate pools in each of the databases? How many are in the databases through the self-assessment process? How are candidates screened for cultural fit for the employing agencies, when 22% of all federal first year hires already decide to leave within 12 months due to poor cultural fit when agencies' attract and hire them directly? How much confidence will agencies have in OPM's ability to provide certified candidates, when more than 50% of OPM's own staff do not have a positive opinion on OPM's ability to recruit staff for OPM itself? (FHCS 2009) I dare not ask about the rules for veterans in the category ranking methodology, nor OPM's ATS (USAStaffing) inability to follow 5CFR 337.101 for quality control. And what about talent record data transfer to agencies for succession planning and workforce planning needs? I'd like to see it work, but have major reservations.
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  • Army
    We've had more than our share of issues trying to hire both qualified and effective personnel. Doing a word count to create a score does not a qualified candidate make. All too often, we've eliminated the top 3 as viable candidates but wanted the fourth or fifth. We repost only to get the SAME 3 candidates. Just because you can write a good CV, or have a military background, does not mean a person would fit in our group. As a veteran, I appreciate the vet preference but it should only be used when comparing two equally capable candidates. Our job is requires a high level of institutional knowledge that cannot be gained in school combined with an advanced education. That's one reason we prefer to convert contractors, since we know their abilities and how well they fit within our organization. Given the amount of time it takes for us to train someone up to a functional level, we can't afford to hire someone and then replace them within a year and start over again. OVERHALL THE HIRING SYSTEM AND LET US HIRE THE BEST PERSON! Thanks.
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