12:03 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Better ideas
    deployed decoy
    First there are no CIA in Yemen, to imply on this site that USA would conduct covert actions in such a place is such a falsity. Course that said we all pretty much know who armed Bin laden in Afghanistan back in the day he was our command in arms against the Russian Bear. Before the rest of us overseas, many in the war zones take a pay cut, I suggest this. Reduce all High 3 calculations to be based on the base salary tables only. This reduces retirement figures an average of 20% for everyone on US soil. Those in FERS this hit is only to about 35% of the total retirement package anyway (TSP and SS the other two thirds). Thus one number cruncher could show savings that would balance the budget in 6 years and another naturally show that feds only took a 6% hit in retirement figures. Given I know the State Dept figures High 3 based on DC locality pay, even for a lifer in Vancouver BC who long ago paid off his house using federal tax free money. I say another source of income for the USA would be to tap all federal and military people who used income tax free home allowance funds to purchase that home in Spain, Russia, Serbia or Seattle. Such that any future sale or transfer by death to heirs would require capital gains paid on 100% of the value of that home, that the person could not prove was funded in taxed, non housing allowance income. Then prior to cutting federal pay a very accurate study is performed comparing the total package. Feds have long been under paid, compared to the professional private sector. If for example in 2009 feds caught up some because of 2 week furloughs or 10% pay cuts in the private sector, include a 5 year average in this total package. Then again before any federal employee gets whacked, cut contracted labor in the US Govt by 50%. It would not kill people to clean their own bathroom at work. It would make me angry as heck to take a pay cut off base salary while 30 contractors continued to get paid twice what I make, the first $86K US federal income tax free here in the war zone (or Germany for that matter). If in the end it is factually proven feds make more than the private sector and cleaning our own bathrooms cant save the funding for current salary levels. Then I suggest an across the board reduction to RUS pay tables (add RUS to us overseas salaries at the same time). If that reduction still shows feds make more then cut everyone to the base pay table. I still argue base salary is good enough for those CIA folks that are not in Yemen, it is good enough for those in DC with plenty of PORK and beer for lunch. Just to stem some grips from the flush toilet crowd. Yes some in the war zone do earn deployment incentives and overtime, not everyone and none of those incentives or overtime are included in retirement calculations. And before any federal worker takes a penny in pay cuts, by god I want to see all members of Congress and political appointees lead by example with an across the board reduced salary adjustment to GS15 grade, with step increases awarded the same as the GS schedule.
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  • Pay cut-cut in retirement
    sorry, I will not take a cut in the retirement. I am eligibl;e for retirement and have been eligible. I would sooner retire rather than have that action. I am not paid at a very high grade level. Since the Agency rents this building, the lessor cleans the bathroom as well as other places. However, even if that were not true, think about it. We are paid to work for a specified period of time. Would my employer want me to do my job or clean the bathroom. Which pays. Of course, if I were paid time + 1/2... We were underpaid during periods of prosperity. Why should we now share the pain during periods of depression or recession?
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  • rent includes the bathroom cleaning
    deployed decoy
    The rent your agency pays includes bathroom cleaning. Now the question is have you ever saw the COR for that contracted service... The comment I made about reduced retirement based on Base Salary was more my gripping that I will very likely get the rest of my high 3 in a war zone. I like you could retire now with 34 years of service. But, since I started young need 30 more months to hit 56 MRA. My thought on reitement is if the State Dept figures everyones high 3 based on DC (they do and the President proper slammed them the year they slipped it into the budget), then by god myself and all the other folks in the battle space should either get that same DC locality pay out of Defense Dept or everyone else can feel the pain of such double standards from the largest agencies in the Govt. Just to note here in Kuwait the US Govt accepts Millions from the slave state of Kuwait and yes those slaves making less than $150.00 a month are cleaning Soldiers and Contractor bathrooms on the bases.
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  • Federal Pay Cut: What a Good Idea!
    Celtic Wolf
    Many GS15s at the top of the pay scale are in actuality taking (and been taking) a pay cut due to the SES level rule (we can not get paid more than them). The federal employee (or any government employee) is looked at as the reason taxes and other costs in America are so high. When the President on down takes a cut, then I would be willing to 'consider' it.
    Celtic Wolf
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  • pay
    It's interesting that there is all of this anger toward federal employees as if it were federal employees who created the financial mess. It wasn't the federal employee who gave your neighbor a line of equity so he could go out and buy that SUV. It wasn't a federal employee who packaged high risk mortgages into securities and then stamped them with a triple AAA rating. It wasn't the federal employee who was acting as a realtor telling home buyers to buy more house than they could afford. It wasn't the federal employee who was appraising homes at levels that were not fundamentally supported. Unfortunately, the public is so easily influenced by talk show pundits--instead of focusing on the real players who were responsible for their 401k balances dropping and job losses, they want to be angry with the federal worker. I say WAKE UP!
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  • Pay Cut
    Lemmy10 - straight to the point and great comments Deployed decoy - you ramble too much! By the way, with the passage of the medical bill we all just took a pay cut. Insurance premiums will sky rockets to pay for all the people who will wait until they are sick to get insurance, and the tax increase that will be coming to pay for the thing!!
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  • Cutting spending
    Last year Obama asked feds to send in their ideas for spending cuts. I sent in several. None were acted on. How about we do some more cutting of wasteful spending. Then we can talk about cutting pay.
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