6:09 pm, May 27, 2015

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    Re: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
    Doubting Thomas
    Is it really any wonder why this problem exists? The application process for SES, regardless whether a potential candidate is in government or outside of government is so time consuming, bureaucratic and convoluted that it is simply not worth applying particular since there are few if any financial incentives for doing so. The private sector fills SES level positions with a two page resume, often times with an interview conducted by only one person and provides an answer within days. The government can't even publish a clearly understood vacancy notice for an SES position. If you are already a GS-15 making SES level money, why put yourself through all of this? To stroke your ego? Its so bad that USDA graduate school offers a course on preparing ECQs. Start by reforming all aspects of government hiring if you want to attract candidates who are looking for more than a place to suck at the public trough.
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  • Re: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
    I agree with the ECQ process being so tedious. I also believe that retired military officers are being granted an unfair advantage in being selected/granted SES positions over qualified civilians in the DoD. No one challenges this issue but it exists. This really undermines the whole process and makes qualified civilians lose their morale and retire early.
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    NARFE Supports SES Issues
    Tom McKinney
    The National ACTIVE and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) supports the issues that the Senior Executive Association (SEA) supports. We need to team up and really push those issues. NARFE and SEA needs the younger executives to become members. Thank you for your service. Tom McKinney Dunwoody, Georgia NARFE Chapter President
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    "'Gee, I really want to do this because it is important work'."
    She's kidding, right?
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  • Young blood
    David L
    The Federal Government wants to attract young blood. Yet the Fed is a bloated dinosaur of outdated policies, restrictive practices and is hardly seen as the "place to do great things." The application process is broken. The pay scales, especially for techincal positions is stunted and the opportunities for advancement are minimal. Why would ANYONE want to work in the federal sector, when they can work for a contractor, make more money and have pretty much the same responsibilities?
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  • Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
    I have to agree that the recruitment process is flawed. ECQs, what do they measure other than writing skills and I would guess many applicants pay someone to do it for them. I am for just submitting a resume and a solid interview process. The best will always rise to the top without all the window dressing. As for the 14 and 15s, I am sure pay is a significant factor. It is difficult to understand the rationale for a starting salary in the SES to be less than the starting salary of a GS 15 in the DC pay locality. In my opinion the starting SES salary should be at the GS 15-10 and dependent on the locality of the position.
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