12:33 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • troops save for retirement
    deployed decoy
    If I have it correct. In the original Tobacco Bill - that 90% of good stuff for feds was pulled out of to keep the White House happy, was up to 5% TSP matching funds for Uninformed Services (Military). Where is the outrage and letter writing from all these military members - or better yet the voting blocs they command by virtue the American's that believe in the military throwing the entire Congress out in 2010? Also just to add to a good reason for military to contribute to TSP in the war zones regardless to matching funds. This money is tax FREE by federal law. Thus NOT tax deferred. 30 years from now the earnings on any battle space TSP contributions will be subject to tax (unless the law is changed). But the original contributions will remain tax free - a ROTH TSP of sorts. That will be a very welcome addition to the old Soldiers retirement when everyone else is taxed at 85% due to Global warming and the cost to build a dike around the eastern seaboard of the USA...
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