9:46 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • The Dog-Ate-My-Homework-Defense!
    deployed decoy
    As the nearly useless factoid notes today under this column, Congress can run but they cannot get away... As for the guy caught with porn on his work PC... This is an executable offence here in the Middle East, maybe he should ordered to do a tour here, say as a GS11 as many here are... Bet that keeps him honest... Maybe his agency IT security manager should be on the hot seat likewise. The military blocks all this at border gates ways and firewalls (as does the Kuwait Govt). The fact that this could be accessed on a US Govt PC is by itself a crime... Me, I'm waiting on the next PC security password requirements. Rumor is it will be 37 random key strokes that must include, four Navaho smoke signals, three North Korean and the cube root of Pi. I can't wait for the keyboard to be issued.
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  • Grassley
    Read the little blurb about Grassley just wanting Congress to be on the new plan. When is that entity going to stop his political nonsense and just state his opinion about the bill. The public option is for those who cannot get insurance elsewhere. I am tied of the republicans and others trying to derail the bill by lying about it. If you do not like the bill vote against it. If you do not like the rep or senator who voted for the bill, vote against it. Don't start lying about death panels and comments about forcing people who have insurance into the plan. These are lies and they know it. They are just trying to derail the plan with these lies and political nonsense.
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