8:11 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • FEHB premium raise for 2010
    I just reviewed the new 2010 rates for non-Postal federal employees. I wish my premium cost was only going up 8.8% as stated in various articles. My bi-weekly rate is actually going up 28%. That is a HUGE jump. This is the second time in at least four years that my plan has gone up more than any other plan. Will I change plans during open season? No. I am very happy with my plan as I have never had a problem with coverage or having medical charges paid promptly. Some of my co-workers have other less expensive plans, but many times have a "hassle" not only with what is covered but getting their medical bills paid.
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  • My Representatives will feel MY dismay!
    Sadly, Washington no longer seems to believe in represention of those who elected them, but rather to a Party and beliefs generated somewhere other than where their consitiutes live. It is disconcerting to see their belief that they are omipetent. I readily grant that elements of health care need, reform, but why not start with Tort reform, and changing the Medicare and Medicaid system. A recent article demonstated how poorly they handle these issues in the past, an individual had a eye operation, cost approximately 11K, Medicare paid 60K to the hospital. Why?, because they group procedures, and derive a standard payment, even if the payment is higher than the actual cost. Does every issue that arises require a an immediate an complete overhaul. As a long-time Fed, I have learned that simple, is often the most effective approach, however our leaders believe that complexity is the only way to go. If this is what we have to look forward to, My Representatives won't be receiving a vote from me come next election. Perhaps it time to replace our Representatives after one term on a ongoing basis, the result may be Representatives who actually care about their duties, and not re-election, and following some nebalous pie-in-the-sky ideals. Steve in Denver
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