10:21 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Re: Retirement Party of Funeral
    Mike - Yes FERS retirees do get a slightly smaller COLA (starting age 62 for FERS people), but not a huge difference. The 2009 CSRS COLA is 5.8%, the 2009 FERS COLA is 4.8% and FERS retirees will also receive Social Security benefits which are adjusted by the full 5.8 % change in the CPI. Hope I got this right ! - Really depend on your columns, Michael
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  • Rettirement Party or Funeral
    Hi Mike, One other thing not mentioned in your column. FERS employee retire later than CERS. CERS can go at age 55. I am FERS and the earliest I can go is 56 1/2. But, the bonus to the pension doens't kick in until 62. That is also the youngest Social Security Benefits age, although if you go earlier the FERS supplements the Soc Sec. My goal is 62, my husband thinks I should work until 67 for the full Soc Sec. I just need the stock market to come back so my TSP can double a few more times! There will probably be a period of time when even fewer retirements are done due to the change from CERS to FERS.
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