11:11 am, May 23, 2015

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    Enough Debt Yet?
    Mike M
    We are destroying our country the old fashioned way. We are NOT earning our way of life; we are borrowing it. This is nothing new. Historically, more great powers have been ruined by debt than by foreign attack. Those great powers vanquished by foriegn invasion were almost always weakened to the point of vulnerability by debt. What we are experiencing is nothing more than a viciously shameless spending spree. Don't look now, but we are building nothing of long-term value with this spending. We shall have nothing meaningful to show for it in ten years but crushing interest payments and rampant inflation. I suspect we will have internal disorder as well. We cannot solve what is essentially a debt problem by incurring ever more debt. That is akin to getting a new credit card to pay off the last, then spending three times more! It is the definitiion of insanity.
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