7:04 am, May 30, 2015

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  • If it only were a reality
    This is an area that I bang my head against a wall on. For the last few years, all I have read is how the government needs to recruit. RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! Well, there is the reality and it bumps up against a very sensative issue, veterans preference (I am a vet mind you). In my agency (a small one), my boss placed an announcement, which took an eternity to get listed. It went Dec 22nd-ish, 2008 and closed Jan 22nd-ish, 2009. It was open to the public. I work with a gentleman that is not a fed, but works with us as in our department and has acted in the capacity for which the job called for. He is more than qualified. A woman who also applied was in the sector as a civilian-again MORE than qualified. Well, months and months went by and FINALLY my boss was told in April that 37 people applied. This is where I am a bit fuzzy on how it all works, but finally in May, OPM only sent 5 forward. Because it took so long, 3 accepted other work. The 2 that were left had vet pref. The 2 that applied that were more than qualified and capable of doing the work never made the cert; neither had vet pref. This blows my mind! Of the 2 vets that made it, one was somehwat qualified and the other had NO skill sets in the field, but he does work at our location. WHy does this happen? Why cant the agency field those resumes of qualified people regardless of vet pref. It is my opinion, that IF a vet has ALL of the qualifications, then the preference should be given. But if they dont, then they also should not have made the cert. With many soldiers coming out of the Iraq war and Gulf Wars, we now have a ton of vets. At what point do others or can others get their foot in the door? I just dont see this happening. At my other agency, which was DoD, they were forced to hire this guy who was a vet, but he was so UNQUALIFIED it wasnt even funny. He had no experience in our field -at all. He didnt even know how to work a computer! He barely knew how to appropriately answer phones. This kind of stuff makes me nuts because its also about the other qualified people who are doing the job that are experienced and qualified. That guy got paid slightly less than I and he barely could walk and talk at the same time.
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