4:39 am, May 30, 2015

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  • PHR for all
    This is a great idea to help patients to take charge of their health care. I hope that the ONC will provides an interface to collaborate with other PHRs. Our company CSI produces a PHR for the iPhone "motionPHR" and the Google Phone "mymedbox" Jeff Brandt www.motionPHR.com www.mymedbox.com CTO/CIO Communication Software, INc
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  • What is a PHR?
    PHR, Personal Health Record is still an acronym that is not widely known, so I believe that our government's idea for website addressing PHR's, why we need them and the guidelines for the vendors to follow so that we have secure, interoperable and standardized data that is useful to the patient and to the medical community is a great thing. These are all really important points and I look forward to seeing the site. As a member of the vendor community producing a PHR specifically for the smartphone market we believe that educating the public on the importance of tracking your health information and being compliant with your physicians instructions with respect to your health problems and conditions is key to improving the overall health of family's. Improving our health ultimately reduces our health care costs thus the emphasis from the government on wellness and prevention that you will see as a theme throughout the promotion of the PHR's. motionPHR is the PHR that Communication Software, Inc. (CSI) released in April 2009 and myMedBox is an abbreviated PHR released to the Google Phone in March, 2009. Both products are built to the CCR standards and next steps are to connect to Microsoft HealthVault. We believe that it is the patient's choice if they want to connect to an on-line PHR which may have direct access to other systems including the EMR's of their physicians. CSI's products encrypt the patient information and provide secure backup's that only the patient can access. The patient has complete control of the health data they track and control of who they want to share it with. Security and privacy of patient health data is a cornerstone of the successful utilization of PHR and we look forward to the guidelines for vendor compliance to assist bringing credibility and awareness of the importance of the PHR to our communities. For more information on the company or products contact Marie Brandt 541-306-4891 with Communication Software, Inc.
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