5:45 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Counterfeits come from grey markets - A secure aftermarket is the answer
    John P Brown, Verical
    Counterfeit parts enter the legitimates supply chain through secondary, or grey, markets. Primary channels have the security, transparency and reliability to protect both buyers and brand owners from fakes but highly inefficient secondary markets have no mechanism to establish traceability. The fake parts hide amongst the legit ones because today neither has clear information about where they come from. Middlemen brokers profit by exploiting that lack of information, and they are the ones who, knowingly or unknowingly, traffick in these fakes. A secure and transparent marketplace would enable buyers to purchase safely, while also allowing sellers of legitimate excess parts would get market value for their parts. Legit parts have information about what they are and where they came from; fakes do not. Excesses and shortages are inevitable. Supply chain integrity requires an information-rich marketplace to protect consumers, manufacturers, and brand owners. John P Brown, Verical Inc www.verical.com
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