1:15 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Standby
    Mike M
    While the Iraqis learn the hard way that their best friends were the US military.
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  • lest we forget
    Gamecock Cavalry
    Outstanding job, USMC! Minor detail, but still worth a mention from one who was there - - the story should read "The U.S. Marines marked the end of nearly seven years in Iraq on Saturday by RETURNING to the Army their command of Anbar province...'' From the fall of Baghdad until July 2003, all of Al-Anbar belonged to the Army's 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. From August until March, 2004, the Army's 82nd Airborne Division owned that real estate...
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  • Success comes from within, so just punish and then leave
    Honest Broker
    The military went into Iraq and Afghanistan with good intentions, but you cannot change a culture over night. The politicians knew this, but they and their DOD contractor buddies could not help making it an opportunity to get rich on the tax payer dollar. The Bush family business of oil, Cheney had his CEO stock options, Rumsfeld had his medical innoculations business, and the list goes on. US foreign military action policy should just be; go in, take out the trouble makers, and then leave to let the rest of the country sort it out. As a parting task, paper the country with pamphlets stating why we came and names of who caused it. Reconstruction never makes friends except among US contractors, but costs much more than the war.
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