10:55 am, October 2, 2014

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Texas Ebola monitoring now beyond initial contacts

Health officials: About 80 people in Texas being monitored for Ebola, none show symptoms

Updated 02 minutes, 42 seconds ago

'Real Housewives' couple face sentencing for fraud

'Real Housewives' star, husband face sentencing for bankruptcy fraud, could be imprisoned

Updated 02 minutes, 49 seconds ago

History fight coming to a head in suburban Denver

Colorado school board could decide fate of changes to US history courses that students protest

Updated 03 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Report IDs 'weaknesses' at nuclear weapons lab

Energy inspector general finds 'weaknesses' in lab's nuclear waste packaging process

Updated 03 minutes, 54 seconds ago

2 white Ohio women sue over sperm from black donor

2 Ohio women sue after receiving sperm from a black donor instead of a white donor

Updated 07 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Plot to bomb holiday event leads to 30-year term

4 years after plotting to blow up Oregon tree-lighting ceremony, man gets 3 decades in prison

Updated 15 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Weather service storm forecasts get more localized

New computer model pinpoints storms better, faster in weather service severe weather forecasts

Updated 29 minutes, 54 seconds ago

NYPD: Police mistakenly kill man in confrontation

NYPD: Cops mistakenly kill man who tried to help woman confronted by ex-boyfriend with knife

Updated 35 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Episcopalians battle behind walls of NYC seminary

Episcopalians battle behind NY walls of oldest seminary, challenging dean's leadership

Updated 49 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Sullivan grilled during fisheries debate in Alaska

GOP Senate candidate Sullivan grilled during debate centered on fisheries issues in Alaska

Updated 59 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Truck deals boost US auto sales in September

GM, Chrysler lead a strong US industry in September thanks to deals on pickup trucks

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 08:40am EDT

GM looks to new vehicles, China to boost profit

General Motors looks to new vehicles, China to boost profit as it shifts away from recalls

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 08:38am EDT

Q&A: What are students in Colorado protesting?

Q&A: What are students in Colorado protesting and how did the fight over history class begin?

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:40am EDT

Guilty plea set in $7.5 million Miami Heat fraud

Man ready to plead guilty in $7.5 million fraud case involving Miami Heat ex-players, team

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:33am EDT

Why the bond market is more fragile than you think

Wall Street sees 'danger signs' of a sell-off as bonds soar, flaws in trading system emerge

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:32am EDT

The US Ebola case: 5 things to know

The US Ebola case: 5 things to know

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:20am EDT

A look at changes in college prep history courses

A look at changes in how Advanced Placement US history courses are being tested, taught

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:45am EDT

5 reasons bonds may be less safe than you think

Bonds seem stable, but risks are mounting; 5 reasons they may be less safe than you think

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:42am EDT

Ebola worries could keep some Dallas students home

Cautious parents remove kids from Dallas schools after 5 students exposed to Ebola patient

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:18am EDT

Ebola-infected passenger was sent home from ER

Passenger who brought Ebola to US was sent home from ER, despite telling nurse about travels

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:38am EDT
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