11:17 am, July 10, 2014

Government News

Republican intel chief: Get tougher on China

US Republican intel committee chief accuses China of 'naked aggression' in disputed seas

Updated 57 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Treasury sanctions Hezbollah procurement network

Treasury sanctions business network suspected of aiding Hezbollah's military activities

Updated 57 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Report: Chinese hackers hit US personnel networks

Report: Chinese hackers break into US personnel networks, target security clearance files

Updated 57 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Obama aims to shift border crisis political debate

Obama seeks to shift political pressure over border crisis back to Republicans

Updated 02 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Commanders suggest a 2nd group in Benghazi attacks

Military commanders suggest a 2nd group was involved in deadly Benghazi attacks

Updated 03 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to high court

Utah to appeal ruling in favor of gay marriage directly to US Supreme Court

Updated 47 minutes, 22 seconds ago

US, China talk cyberhacking amid new allegations

In Beijing, Kerry, Lew talk cyberhacking with Chinese officials amid new allegations

Updated 55 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Kerry: Crisis in Israel, Gaza, needs de-escalation

Kerry says US working to de-escalate crisis in Israel, Gaza, backs Israel's right to defend

Updated 56 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Top Army brass defend troubled intelligence system

Amid need for intelligence in Afghanistan, top Army brass defend troubled intel tech system

Updated 56 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Homeland chief presses $3.7B border request

Homeland Security chief to press Congress for Obama's $3.7B emergency border budget request

Updated 56 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Hagel says nuclear operation has drifted

Hagel says nuclear operations have drifted 'a little,' says investigations are wrapping up

Updated 57 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Improper payments by federal government top $100B

Waste, fraud and abuse: Federal government acknowledges $100 billion in improper payments

Updated 57 minutes, 27 seconds ago

NCAA President calls for 'scholarships for life'

NCAA President Emmert calls for 'scholarships for life'; Senator wonders if he's a 'minion'

Updated 1 hours, 01 minutes ago

Fed sees October end for monthly bond buying

Fed minutes show officials looking to October end to bond buying with final $15 billion cut

Updated 1 hours, 11 minutes ago

A look at what's next for gay marriage in the US

Key things to know about the country's gay marriage movement, where it's headed next

Updated 1 hours, 57 minutes ago

Obama raises money for absent Colo. senator

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall stays in Washington while Obama raises money for him in Denver

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 08:00am EDT

GOP lawmakers try to ease new curbs on ivory sales

GOP lawmakers work to block new Obama administration rules intended to curb ivory sales

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 04:32am EDT

Survey: Rapes not investigated at 2 in 5 colleges

Survey: 2 in 5 college, universities failed to investigate rape reports in past 5 years

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 03:50am EDT

VA apologizes to whistleblowers facing retaliation

VA official on retaliation claims: 'I apologize to everyone whose voice has been stifled'

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 03:32am EDT
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