5:16 am, May 23, 2015

Government News

Senate clears White House-backed trade bill

Senate passes trade bill sought by Obama on bipartisan vote

Updated 49 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Another patch put in place for highway and transit funding

Patching up funding for 2 months, Congress keeps money flowing for highway, transit projects

Updated 49 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Highlights of Clinton emails on Benghazi

Highlights of 296 Benghazi-related emails released Friday by the State Department

Updated 49 minutes, 37 seconds ago

A closer look at Clinton email censored prior to its release

A closer look at the Hillary Clinton email censored by the FBI prior to its public release

Updated 49 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Deadline near, Senate faces last-minute vote on Patriot Act

Unable to gain an extension, McConnell sets up last-minute vote on provisions of Patriot Act

Updated 49 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Congress passes 2-month highway, transit aid extension

Congress passes bill to keep highway, transit aid flowing to states, but only for 2 months

Updated 50 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Justice Department issues policy on domestic drone use

Justice Department says domestic use of unmanned drones must not violate privacy, civil rights

Updated 50 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Senate tweaks veterans health law to boost specialized care

Senate tweaks health care 'choice' law to boost veterans' access to specialized care

Updated 50 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Yellen: 1st rate hike likely by year end if economy improves

Yellen says if economy keeps improving, first rate hike likely to occur before end of year

Updated 50 minutes, 31 seconds ago

US officials: Iran enters Iraqi fight for key oil refinery

US officials say Iran is firing artillery in support of Iraq's fight for Beiji oil refinery

Updated 36 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Congress' familiar path: short-term solutions

Deadlocked over long list of problems, Congress picks familiar path and goes short-term

Updated 36 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Sliver of Clinton emails hint at lingering political trouble

Releases of sliver of Hillary Clinton's State Dept emails hint at lingering political trouble

Updated 36 minutes, 13 seconds ago

VA must find millions to finish troubled Denver hospital

Construction at Denver VA hospital to move forward, but millions still needed to finish it

Updated 36 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Aviation agency unveils messaging system to reduce delays

Aviation agency showcases electronic messaging system for pilots, controllers to reduce delays

Updated 40 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Senate blocks House surveillance bill, 2-month extension

Fate of parts of Patriot Act in doubt as Senate blocks House bill, 2-month extension

Updated 43 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Clinton received sensitive info on private email account

Emails released: Clinton got sensitive US information on private server; some now classified

Updated 48 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Listeria: FDA finds problems at Ohio ice cream plant

FDA report shows inadequate cleaning, testing at Ohio ice cream plant where listeria found

Updated 58 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Obama signs bill giving Congress a say on Iran nuclear deal

Obama signs into law bill giving Congress the right to review Iran nuclear deal

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 03:08am EDT

US: Myanmar should share responsibility for Rohingya crisis

US says Myanmar should share responsibility for Rohingya boat people crisis

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 02:14am EDT

Senators sing blues over impasse; GOP hopefuls stuck in DC

Senators sing blues over holiday weekend impasse; GOP presidential hopefuls stuck in DC

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 01:52am EDT
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