2:47 pm, May 28, 2015

Inside TechStat

The Obama administration launched TechStat in 2010 with the goal of fixing IT projects that were in trouble. As of December 2011, the Office of Management Budget said agencies ran 294 TechStat sessions, and from that saved or avoided spending $932 million. Those review sessions led to agencies stopping six programs and reducing the scope of four others. But over the last two-plus years, TechStat has evolved. Agencies now use the reviews to reinforce plans to fix troubled programs, to change the contracting model and to speed up the delivery of new functionalities. Agencies also are using TechStat to look for opportunities to consolidate systems.

Part 1: IT projects pulled from brink of failure

TechStat is rarely about shutting down problematic technology programs. In an exclusive report, Federal News Radio examines how agencies are using the analysis to support existing improvement plans, to move to agile development and to change its relationship with contractors. CBP, NARA and the FBI are recent examples of agencies taking advantage of the visibility and transparency TechStat brings to get programs back on track and completed.

Wednesday - 08/15/2012, 05:16am EDT

Part 2: Treasury tackles IT reviews in a new way

Not all agencies are using TechStat for IT projects that are in trouble. In an exclusive report, Federal News Radio finds agencies are seeing unexpected benefits in applying the evaluation tool to programs that are on track. Treasury used TechStat to figure out how best to consolidate three procurement systems.

Thursday - 08/16/2012, 05:16am EDT

Part 3: NASA reveals how it revived a struggling program

The space agency gave Federal News Radio an exclusive, in-depth look at a recent IT review session on its enterprise service desk. With the program faltering, NASA detailed how it used TechStat to reinforce planned solutions.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 05:31am EDT

Part 4: National Archives gets ready to taste first fruits of TechStat labor

The National Records and Archives Administration will modify its Electronic Records System for the first time since it went into the operations and maintenance phase. Mike Wash, NARA's CIO, said the use of Technical Direction Letters is one of the key lessons learned from the TechStat session ERA went through in 2010.

Thursday - 08/16/2012, 01:49pm EDT