8:18 am, May 29, 2015


This is a transformative time for the Department of Defense. Our military is progressing toward a smaller, nimbler force capable of rapidly responding to any threat around the globe. Secure, next generation communications capabilities are essential; ensuring personnel can get the information they need from virtually any location, any time, on any compatible device. Microsoft offers today's military leaders the next wave of technologies providing advanced security features without compromising productivity and mission effectiveness all at a price that makes sense. From the front lines to the command center to the Pentagon, Microsoft and its global partner network are working with defense leaders to create solutions that not only meet but anticipate today's service members needs. Whether it's providing secure, online collaboration and editing capabilities, or voice and video through unified communications, Microsoft is equipping warriors in motion with the familiar technology they use every day to get the job done. That's real impact for tomorrow's military. Learn more about defense I.T. solutions at

Transforming Business operations at the Defense Department

How is DoD is adapting and how are military leaders taking advantage of innovations in the commercial world to be more mobile and, in many ways simplify how they use their systems to meet their missions?

Thursday - 06/28/2012, 12:19pm EDT
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