Friday - 6/1/2012, 7:46pm EDT

Federal News Radio is broadcasting live Monday, June 4 from the Management of Change Conference in Cambridge, Md.

Organized by ACT-IAC, the conference examines how agencies can capitalize on information technology to better deliver services to the public and carry out government functions. Conference attendees include leaders in technology, acquisition, security and program management.


Lovisa Williams
Senior Policy Advisor and Social Media Strategist
State Department

The Obama administration has been fascinated with use of social media in government since the get-go. One early and enthusiastic adopter was the State Department. Its e-diplomacy and public engagement efforts use a variety of social media tools and techniques. They're aimed at talking to many constituencies across the world and within the department.

Roger Baker
Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology/CIO
Veterans Affairs Department

The buzz around mobile strategy in government has usually revolved around the phrase "device agnostic." Now, that philosophy is starting to apply to apps, themselves. Roger Baker was on a panel titled "Got APPS?" He discusses misconceptions about apps as they become more common.

Dennis Wisnosky
Chief Architect/Chief Technical Officer
DoD Business Mission Area

Dennis Wisnosky, one of the Defense Department's biggest thinkers, is counting down the days until his retirement. He discusses what's changed in his time at the Pentagon.

Rick Holgate
Assistant Director for Science & Technology/CIO
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

Some agencies have as many people out there in the field as they do in headquarters. For them, telework and mobility are key to doing business. One such agency is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF's CIO has been working both the device and the infrastructure side to improve mobility.

Jenn Gustetic
Challenges and Prizes Program Executive

One of the federal government's pioneers in social communications is now applying her expertise at her third federal agency. Gustetic is expanding NASA's horizons among people even as the agency moves into a new era in space.

Pete Tseronis
Chief Technology Officer
Energy Department

Technology makes our lives easier and helps us save money. But optimizing efficiency can get tricky when old processes are still in place. Tseronis discusses how to optimize efficiency in the cloud.

Stephen Buckner
Director, Center for New Media and Promotions
Census Bureau

The government may be the last holdout for Blackberry fans. But the new White House mobility strategy calls on agencies to support a wider range of mobile devices. That's just one of the goals of the governmentwide plan. It also expects agencies to improve functions and communicate more with the public.

Maria Horton
CEO, EmeSec Inc.
program co-chair, Management of Change Conference 2012

Maria Horton is one of the program co-chairs for the Management of Change Conference 2012 that's taking place in Cambridge, Md. She offers an inside view of the event.

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