1:54 am, May 28, 2015

Reimagining the Next Generation of Government


Reimagining the Next Generation of Government

Today we are at the forefront of fast-moving digital revolution, one that presents new challenges for governments but also new opportunities for transforming operations and accomplishing more. Join government executives for a three-part webinar series exploring how today's government leaders are delivering transformative solutions through integrated cloud-based productivity and platform technologies and services to better meet increasingly complex demands that impact their socioeconomic development. Each panel will discuss the potential for transformation the cloud brings—from mobile productivity to data insights and data security.


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Cloud-driven Data Insight

Watch the panel discussion HERE

Proactively addressing priorities and mitigating risk requires that leaders and staff have reliable access to all information so they can make decisions and swiftly respond to changing conditions. To enable this, agencies need to effectively manage several aspects of their Big Data—from how they store growing volumes of data to how they access the right data and what tools they use to extract insights for driving measurable results. In our final panel discussion of the series, Cloud-driven Data Insights, we'll explore how agencies are using cloud-enabled business intelligence solutions to securely manage and leverage the power of their big data so that everyone can uncover patterns and improve impact.

Reducing Risk in the Cloud

Watch the panel discussion HERE

Security is one of the highest priorities for today's government agencies as cyber-security threats rise and become increasingly sophisticated. While many IT and agency department heads feel increasing concern and pressure around security breaches and privacy, FedRAMP and key compliance mandates are driving greater standards within the industry. In our second panel discussion, Reducing Risk in the Cloud, we'll discuss how a trusted cloud platform can help government agencies meet today's demands—from certification to privacy and security mandates—and also evolve to address future needs.

Government Perspectives on Mobility and the Cloud

Watch the panel discussion HERE

Mobile technology and anytime, anywhere access to information is changing how we work in live. In government it's impacting overall operations, from how citizens are engaged to how employees remain productive. In our first panel discussion, Government Perspectives on Mobility and the Cloud, we'll discuss what's driving decisions around adopting mobile technologies and how cloud-enabled solutions can serve as the key for unlocking potential in our leaders, personnel and citizens while also ensuring the data created and shared remains in the right hands.