8:25 pm, May 28, 2015

Managing Morale

From federal pay freezes to tightening budgets and a shrinking workforce, federal employees and managers have had to deal with their fair share of changes the last few years. But what kind of toll has it taken on the workforce? Managers and employees alike tell Federal News Radio their morale has been affected drastically - and not in a good way. In our special report, "Managing Morale," we find out from feds just how bad the problem is; we speak with federal managers and leadership experts on what can be done to fix morale issues; and we hear straight from Congress what exactly lawmakers expect from the federal workforce during these difficult times.

Survey: Federal morale deeply impacted by pay freeze, 'fed bashing'

Federal managers and employees alike are suffering from low morale problems, according to the results of an exclusive Federal News Radio survey.

Wednesday - 02/15/2012, 02:00am EST

Congress to feds: We feel your pain

Over 20 bills affecting federal employees' pay, benefits, and pensions have been introduced by members of Congress in the past year. Federal employees tell Federal News Radio those are the kinds of things directly affecting their morale and motivation. What does Congress think about that? Federal News Radio asks both Republicans and Democrats as part of our series, "Managing Morale."

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 02:10am EST

How to get the morale mojo back in your federal office

If morale in your office is down, you aren't alone. Federal employees across the government tell Federal News Radio they are feeling the same way. We get tips from the experts on how to re-establish a positive atmosphere in your office as part of our series, Managing Morale.

Friday - 02/17/2012, 02:16am EST

Column: Managing morale - lessons from OPM's John Berry

John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, offers his tips for managing the federal workforce during tough times.

Wednesday - 02/15/2012, 02:00am EST

Column: Motivation in the workplace - it takes two to tango

Improving morale in the workplace isn't just a function of good management, it relies heavily on the employees as well, according to Paul Rowson, managing principal of Totally Engaged Workforce Solutions. Rowson wrote the column as part of Federal News Radio's special report, Managing Morale.

Friday - 02/17/2012, 02:08am EST

Column: How the military gets motivation right

In her 26-years of government service, Robin Wink served in both the military and the civil service. Wink says there's a lot civilian agencies can learn about motivating their workforces from those in uniform.

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 02:01am EST

Pay and Benefits Tracker

Congress is turning to federal pay and benefits to find cost savings. To sort out all the proposals for you, Federal News Radio compiled a list of the bills that could affect your compensation. This list will be updated regularly with status changes and the addition of new bills.

Tuesday - 09/18/2012, 02:09am EDT

Discretionary Budget Authority 2008-2013 (chart)

A look at the discretionary budget authority for Cabinet-level agencies from 2008-2013.

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 02:19am EST