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Stories from Jan 23rd, 2013

Reid says Senate Dems will accept House debt bill

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 12:10pm EST

White House: Allen's NATO nomination to go ahead

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 01:37pm EST

Air Force general calls sex assaults a 'cancer'

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 02:52pm EST

Defiant Clinton takes on lawmakers on Libya attack

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 04:59pm EST

Gay rights groups seek order on employer bias

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 02:49am EST

Navy: Random alcohol tests for sailors in US

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 08:02pm EST

Thursday morning federal headlines - Jan. 24, 2013

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 09:42am EST

Federal Drive Interviews -- Jan. 24, 2013

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 10:17am EST

Dempsey: Sex assault, combat ban on women linked

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 02:15pm EST

NASA readies draft RFP for SEWP V

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 04:51pm EST

Top white-collar crime prosecutor to lead SEC

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 03:06pm EST

Women in combat: Good to go if they meet standards

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 05:30pm EST

Kerry tackles questions on Iran, Syria, Hagel

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 08:07pm EST

Democratic support for Hagel grows

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 11:34pm EST

Possible USAID bid rigging probed

Friday - 01/25/2013, 09:02am EST

Why Geithner's Treasury leadership proved divisive

Thursday - 01/24/2013, 02:49am EST

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