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Causey Awards

The Causeys recognize the exceptional efforts of distinguished individuals who work in the human capital management field specifically on pay, benefits, human resources and human capital issues in the federal government and in industry. Awards are given out on an annual basis.


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2014 Causey Awards

Federal News Radio names four Causey Award winners from USDA, DHS, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and NASA.

2013 Causey Awards

Federal News Radio named five federal employees winners of the 2013 Causey Awards. Winners come from NIH, SSA, FDA, USDA, and DoD.

2012 Causey Awards

The 2012 Causey Award winners include men and women from the Social Security Administration, the Peace Corps, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, State, and the Office of Personnel Management.

2011 Causey Awards

In 2011, Federal News Radio chose five Causey Award winners. The awards honor outstanding achievements and important contributions in the human capital management field in 2010.

2010 Causey Awards

Seven winners have been chosen for the inaugural Causey Awards. The awards honor the outstanding achievements and important contributions made by these seven individuals in the human capital management field in 2009.