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12:38 pm, May 23, 2015

Federal News Radio Experts

The federal government is more than just laws, policies, and lots of money. It's people. And no one covers the federal worker and what they do like Federal News Radio. Let our experts help you make the workings and workers of government understandable and even enjoyable! The Federal News Radio staff members listed below are available for interviews, conference appearances, and events on their areas of expertise. Contact us at 202-895-5086 for more information or contact our staff directly via email or phone.

Mike Causey

Expertise: federal budget, federal buyouts, cost-of-living adjustments, Federal Employees Health Benefits program, federal hiring, federal pay and benefits, federal pay freeze, federal retirement (CSRS, FERS), government shutdowns, government workforce, Office of Personnel Management, National Security Personnel System, Senior Executive Service, telework, Thrift Savings Plan

Emily Kopp

Expertise: federal civilian agencies, government workforce issues, OPM, U.S. Postal Service

Jason Miller

Expertise: cloud computing, cybersecurity, federal budget, federal buyouts, federal information technology, federal procurement, government shutdowns, government workforce, HSPD-12, OMB, open government and transparency

Francis Rose

Expertise: Congress, Defense Department, federal budget, federal buyouts, federal procurement, federal workforce, government shutdowns

Jared Serbu

Expertise: Air Force, Army, civilian defense issues, defense acquisition, Defense Department, Marine Corps, Navy, Pentagon

Tom Temin

Expertise: Congress, cybersecurity, federal budget, federal information technology, federal procurement, government shutdowns