10:48 am, February 27, 2015

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UK spies face questions about failure to stop 'Jihadi John'

UK premier Cameron lauds spy agencies amid questions about how London man became 'Jihadi John'

Updated 02 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Afghan troops push Taliban from key southern district

Afghan military routes Taliban from key southern district in first solo offensive

Updated 02 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Mexico official: Top capo nabbed in western Michoacan state

Mexico official says drug lord Servando Gomez captured, ruled western Michoacan state

Updated 02 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Experts blame anti-vaccine lobby for Bosnia measles outbreak

Experts blame anti-vaccine lobby for Bosnia's measles outbreak, its low immunizations rate

Updated 02 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Somali pirates release 4 Thai sailors held nearly 5 years

Somali pirates release 4 Thai sailor held in captivity for 5 years

Updated 03 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Detentions of major Mexico drug chiefs in recent years

Top Mexican drug cartel leaders captured or killed in recent years

Updated 03 minutes, 09 seconds ago

US concerned over human rights, free speech in Turkey

US official expresses concern over new police bill, freedom of speech in Turkey

Updated 03 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Millions of young risk hearing loss from loud music, UN says

Turn it down: Millions of young risk hearing loss from loud music, UN health agency warns

Updated 03 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Soviet army monument banned from returning to Warsaw square

Warsaw city councilors ban 1945 Soviet army monument from returning to a Warsaw city square

Updated 07 minutes, 48 seconds ago

South Africa: Parents find daughter 17 years after kidnap

South Africa: Kidnapped as a baby from a hospital, girl reunited with parents 17 years later

Updated 08 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Kurdish fighters advance on Syrian town held by IS militants

Kurdish fighters advance on town in northeastern Syria held by Islamic State, activists say

Updated 08 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Ukraine government forces, rebels withdraw heavy weapons

Ukraine government, rebels withdraw heavy weapons from front line, but suspicion lingers

Updated 08 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Islamic State threat boosts business for Kurdish gunsmith

As Islamic State group advances in Iraq, business is booming for Kurdish gunsmith

Updated 08 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Cash-strapped Ukraine struggles to keep Russia gas supplies

Ukraine tries to keep Russian gas supplies coming but faces severe financial trouble

Updated 12 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Madonna: Hit my head, got whiplash in Brits stage tumble

Madonna says she hit her head, suffered whiplash in widely viewed stage tumble at Brit Awards

Updated 20 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Rediscovered Picasso to go on display in Paris museum

Long-missing Picasso painting, found in US, to go back on display in Paris' Pompidou Centre

Updated 25 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, 91 and new chairman of African Union, denies wife Grace controls him

Updated 34 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Vatican whodunit: What happened to books on marriage?

Vatican whodunit: What ever happened to the books on marriage that were mailed to bishops?

Updated 35 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Vatican denounces leaks of documents on finance reforms

Vatican condemns leaks seeking to undermine financial reforms and pope's finance czar

Updated 57 minutes, 56 seconds ago

UNESCO chief decries 'cultural cleansing' in IS video

UNESCO head decries 'cultural cleansing' in Islamic State group video of smashed statues

Updated 59 minutes, 11 seconds ago
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