10:05 am, September 2, 2014

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Yemeni president dismisses Cabinet to ease tension

Yemeni president dismisses Cabinet in bid to end standoff with Shiite rebels

Updated 01 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Saudi arrests 88 suspects in alleged al-Qaida cell

Saudi Arabia says it arrests 88 men suspected of being in al-Qaida cell plotting attacks

Updated 01 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Austrian police arrest suspected Mideast fighter

Austrian police arrest Chechen man suspected of having fought with Islamic extremists in Syria

Updated 01 minutes, 53 seconds ago

UN warns food prices rising in Ebola-hit countries

UN food agency warns food prices rising in Ebola-hit nations, upcoming harvests to be affected

Updated 01 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Officials: Egypt bombing kills 11 police officers

Officials say roadside bomb kills 11 police officers in Egypt's troubled Sinai amid offensive

Updated 01 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Germany opens memorial to Nazis' disabled victims

Germany inaugurates memorial to disabled people killed in the Nazis' euthanasia program

Updated 05 minutes, 53 seconds ago

6 militants killed in US Somalia strike

6 militants reported killed in US Somalia strike; al-Shabab leader was present, fate unclear

Updated 07 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Ukraine: Russian forces in major rebel cities

Ukraine: Russian forces with rebels in major eastern cities; govt gears up for bigger war

Updated 07 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Syrian rebels issue demands for captive UN troops

Syrian rebels issue demands for release of captive UN peacekeepers

Updated 07 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Pakistan lawmakers back premier amid mass protests

In emergency session, Pakistan lawmakers back embattled premier amid anti-government protests

Updated 07 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Group accuses extremists of war crimes in Iraq

Rights group accuses Islamic State militants of war crimes in Iraq

Updated 07 minutes, 41 seconds ago

After Gaza war, poll finds support for Hamas rises

After 50-day Gaza war with Israel, poll shows dramatic rise in Palestinian support for Hamas

Updated 11 minutes, 20 seconds ago

UK deputy leader criticizes tumor-boy case

UK deputy leaders criticizes handling of case of boy ill with brain tumor

Updated 11 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Police abandon posts in Lesotho, fear for lives

Lesotho police abandon posts out of fear of attack; tense capital waits for PM's return

Updated 11 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Ebola takes big toll on already poor health care

Ebola's toll on health care in W. Africa hits hard, will be felt for years to come

Updated 31 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Top South America hackers rattle Peru's Cabinet

South America's elusive LulzSecPeru hackers embarrass politicians with dumped emails

Updated 41 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Gunmen in Tunisia attempt to kill politician

Masked gunmen attempt to kill Tunisian politician in city near Algeria

Updated 55 minutes, 49 seconds ago

UN provides aid for record 4.1 million in Syria

UN agency says it provided food for record 4.1 million people inside Syria in August

Updated 1 hours, 35 minutes ago

Austerity debate flares as Europe recovery fades

Too much austerity? Europe confronts impact of its policies as economic recovery fades

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 08:04am EDT

VENICE WATCH: McDormand hails female stories

VENICE WATCH: Frances McDormand hails female stories; Skarsgard praised 'fun' von Trier

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 07:50am EDT
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