9:38 am, March 5, 2015

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Egypt's el-Sissi replaces interior minister in reshuffle

Egypt's el-Sissi replaces minister in charge of nation's police in Cabinet reshuffle

Updated 00 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Attack on US envoy part of S.Korea's violent protest history

Attack that injured US ambassador is part of South Korea's history of violent protests

Updated 00 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Boko Haram refugees risk lives to cross lake to Chad camps

Refugees flee Boko Haram violence in Nigeria by boat as jihadist group steps up violence

Updated 00 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Last Ebola patient is released in Liberia

Liberia releases last Ebola patient; Countdown to being declared Ebola free begins

Updated 00 minutes, 49 seconds ago

South African Airways refunds customers after bungle

Too good to be true? $72 business class deal on South African Airways was just that

Updated 00 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Libya says 11 oil fields non-operational after IS attacks

Libyan state oil corporation declares 11 oil fields non-operational after suspected IS attacks

Updated 00 minutes, 58 seconds ago

AP Interview: Charismatic Lapid revives Israel vote campaign

AP Interview: After rough first term, Lapid mounts come-back in Israeli election race

Updated 01 minutes, 00 seconds ago

WHO to begin large-scale testing of Ebola vaccine in Guinea

World Health Organization to test Ebola vaccine in Guinea, aims to find and stop linked cases

Updated 01 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Faucet theft from German spy building causes water leak

Faucets removed from German spy agency's new Berlin headquarters, causing large water leak

Updated 01 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Iranian special operatives free diplomat abducted in Yemen

Iran says diplomat abducted in Yemen in 2013 is freed by special operatives, returns home

Updated 08 minutes, 23 seconds ago

'Duang!' Chinese poke fun at Jackie Chan with nonsense word

'Duang!' Chinese poke fun at Jackie Chan, and perhaps their legislature, with nonsense word

Updated 17 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Winner of prestigious World Press Photo award disqualified

World Press Photo disqualifies Italian winner for misleading judges over where image was made

Updated 27 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Internet invades everything at gadget fair in Barcelona

Internet empowers mouths, bikes, Star Trek scanners at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Updated 28 minutes, 04 seconds ago

UN: World eating too much sugar; cut to 5-10 percent of diet

No way to sugarcoat this: WHO says sugar should be no more than 5-10 percent of total calories

Updated 31 minutes, 45 seconds ago

UK scientists work out weight of Sophie the Stegosaurus

UK scientists work out weight of Sophie, one of world's most complete Stegosaurus skeletons

Updated 31 minutes, 55 seconds ago

UK report: Spy agencies should seek female recruits online

Bond, Jane Bond: UK lawmakers say intelligence agencies need more female spies

Updated 37 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Skeleton horse erected in London's Trafalgar Square

Skeleton horse statue installed atop empty 'fourth plinth' in London's Trafalgar Square

Updated 47 minutes, 21 seconds ago

India says it will act against BBC for airing banned film

Indian govt says it will act against BBC for airing documentary about fatal gang rape

Updated 1 hours, 09 minutes ago

How much sugar is in that? 7 foods with added sugar

How much sugar is in that? A look at soup, salad dressing and other foods with sugar

Updated 1 hours, 21 minutes ago

DNA study backs theory of massive steppe migration to Europe

Study of ancient DNA backs theory of massive steppe migration to Europe some 4,500 years ago

Updated 1 hours, 48 minutes ago
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