10:57 pm, May 28, 2015

World News

Asian nations meet to discuss Rohingya migrant crisis

As migrant camps swell, Asian nations meet to discuss Rohingya boat people crisis

Updated 01 minutes, 19 seconds ago

2 car bombs kill 10 people in Iraq

Iraqi officials say 2 car bombs kill 10 people in Baghdad

Updated 01 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Russia classifies military casualties in peacetime

Russia's Putin classifies number of dead in peacetime military operations

Updated 01 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Kurdish fighters in Syria on the march against IS militants

In contrast to the failures of the Iraqi army, Kurdish fighters in Syria on march against IS

Updated 01 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Elephant numbers plunge in Mozambique because of poachers

Study says elephant numbers plunged in Mozambique due to poachers, but Uganda numbers are up

Updated 35 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Indians scramble for heat relief, but many still must work

Indians seek shade, water as relief from heat wave, but many must work despite deadly risks

Updated 39 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Tired feet? Not Her Majesty despite 8,000 party guests

Tired Feet? Not Her Majesty as Queen Elizabeth II hosts 8,000 guest at palace garden party

Updated 39 minutes, 45 seconds ago

No exit: For female jihadis, Syria is one-way journey

Unlike male jihadis, Western girls who travel to Syria head to place of no return

Updated 39 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Greece could use 'Zambia' option as progress on deal unclear

Greece could use 'Zambia' IMF repayment option as progress on bailout deal unclear

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 07:38pm EDT

UN: Fewer hungry people in the world despite wars, poverty

UN: Fewer hungry people around the world despite wars, poverty; majority reach UN goal

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Mystery of disappearing holes in Swiss cheese solved

Mystery of disappearing holes in Swiss cheese solved: the milk's too clean!

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Syria's al-Qaida chief says no plans to attack the West

Head of Syria's al-Qaida branch says it does not plan to attack the West

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 04:48pm EDT

After suicide, Israel lawmakers discuss online shaming

After Israeli official's suicide, lawmakers look to act against online shaming

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 04:48pm EDT

Polish police find man who entered bear enclosure, got hurt

Polish police locate man who got hurt in a tangle with bear at Warsaw zoo, send case to court

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Nobel laureates appeal for end to persecution of Rohingya

Nobel Peace Prize laureates appeal for end to Rohingya persecution, comparable to 'genocide'

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 03:20pm EDT

Burundi: Catholic bishops withdraw support for elections

Burundi: Catholic bishops withdraw support for national elections amid political violence

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 03:10pm EDT

Israeli Burning Man festival torches ancient remains

Israeli archaeologist says Burning Man festival accidentally torched ancient remains

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 02:36pm EDT

Croatian dilemma: Oil in the Adriatic, or tourism

Croatia's plans to allow oil digging in Adriatic Sea splits the newest EU-member nation

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 02:19pm EDT

Visa becomes first FIFA sponsor to warn it could jump ship

In wake of scandals, FIFA's sponsors call for change in how world football is managed

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 01:32pm EDT

Finland's new justice minister supportive of death penalty

Finland's incoming justice minister says he approves of death penalty for major crimes

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 01:10pm EDT

Poland presidential vote could bring return to turbulence

In Polish presidential ballot, win by right-wing challenger could signal return to turbulence

Friday - 05/22/2015, 12:00pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Fleeing Yemen war, thousands stuck in Djibouti

AP PHOTOS: Fleeing Yemen's war, thousands of Yemenis find themselves stranded in Djibouti

Friday - 05/22/2015, 12:00pm EDT
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