12:44 pm, October 23, 2014

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Ancient Greek well yields rare wooden statue

Greek archaeologists find rare wooden statue while excavating ancient well in port of Athens

Updated 00 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Berlusconi: Let's legalize gay civil unions

Nudged by fiance, Berlusconi promotes gay unions as 'right' compromise for 'Christian' Italy

Updated 00 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Mom of Canada suspect: I cry for victims, not son

Mother of Canada shooting suspect tells AP: I'm crying for victims, not for my son

Updated 01 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Coal-rich Poland ready to block EU climate deal

Coal-rich Poland ready to block Europe's new, ambitious climate deal if no compromise found

Updated 02 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Pope condemns extraordinary renditions in law talk

Pope condemns extraordinary rendition in law speech, calls life terms a 'hidden death penalty'

Updated 00 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'

Smells like mean spirits: Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'

Updated 00 minutes, 13 seconds ago

AP Interview: Jerusalem mayor vows to calm city

AP Interview: Jerusalem mayor urges crackdown on unrest, vows to restore calm

Updated 02 minutes, 06 seconds ago

European authorities aim to purge weak banks

Purging the weak: ECB hopes review of banks will prove more credible than past tests

Updated 02 minutes, 16 seconds ago

US: IS earns $1M per day in black market oil sales

US official: Islamic State group earning about $1M per day just from black market oil sales

Updated 02 minutes, 17 seconds ago

For teen with passport, Syria trip can be seamless

For teens with passports, travel to Syria _ or anywhere else _ can be surprisingly easy

Updated 02 minutes, 17 seconds ago

EU leaders seek more Ebola funding at summit

European Union leaders seek to produce more aid in fight against

Updated 02 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Woman who beat Ebola mourns for her slain dog

Dog 'wasn't to blame for anything:' Spanish woman who beat Ebola mourns for her slain pet

Updated 00 minutes, 20 seconds ago

AP Interview: Russia's Navalny vows to fight Putin

AP Interview: From house arrest, Russian opposition leader Navalny vows to fight on

Updated 02 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Ukraine pins hopes on a new-look parliament

Ukraine pins hopes for prosperous future on clearing out its brawling parliament

Updated 36 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Threat to break isolation in Liberia over food

Dozens quarantined for Ebola in Liberia threaten to break out of isolation for lack of food

Updated 42 minutes, 20 seconds ago

France reclaims title: world's largest wine maker

France tops Italy to reclaim title of world's largest wine maker in 2014

Updated 54 minutes, 13 seconds ago

1 killed, 11 injured in German gas pipe explosion

1 person killed, 11 injured in gas pipe explosion in western German city

Updated 1 hours, 04 minutes ago

Attacks in southwestern Pakistan kill 12 people

Attacks in troubled Pakistani province kill 12 people, including 8 minority Shiites

Updated 1 hours, 14 minutes ago

UK man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court

UK man who faked coma to avoid fraud charges pleads guilty after he's caught walking on camera

Updated 1 hours, 14 minutes ago

Lebanon reports first suspected case of Ebola

Lebanese health minister says man suspected of having Ebola has been quarantined in Lebanon

Updated 1 hours, 24 minutes ago

Nepal official: Most stranded trekkers rescued

Nepal official says most trekkers stranded in blizzards rescued, search continues

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 12:22am EDT
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