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US mulls putting NKorea on terrorism sponsor list

Obama says US reviewing whether to return North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism

Updated 00 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Zimbabwe's president fires more cabinet members

Zimbabwe's president fires more cabinet members in political purge, as economy struggles

Updated 02 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Pope issues blistering critique of Vatican bureaucracy

Pope accuses Vatican bureaucrats of lusting for power, suffering from 'spiritual Alzheimer's'

Updated 02 minutes, 45 seconds ago

French police raise security after weekend attacks

French police raise security, search for motive after 2 weekend attacks

Updated 00 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Italian police breakup neo-Fascist plot

Italian authorities breakup neo-Fascist plot to attack immigrant, institutional targets

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Russian minister talks up the ruble

Russia's deputy economy minister: ruble expected to rise, govt not planning currency controls

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

China opposes cyberattacks, doesn't name N. Korea

China tells US that it opposes cyberattacks, but does not directly condemn Sony hackings

Updated 00 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Chinese military plane crashes, 2 deaths reported

Chinese military plane crashes in country's northwest, 2 deaths reported

Updated 00 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Spain: Princess Cristina to be tried for fraud

Spain: Judge orders Princess Cristina to go on trial with husband in fraud, corruption case

Updated 00 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Abandoned asbestos mines still a hazard in India

Indian asbestos mines, abandoned decades ago, still sickening villagers and ignored by gov't

Updated 00 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Greek prime minister open to 2015 early elections

Greek prime minister open to 2015 early elections if president can be elected

Updated 03 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Belarus enjoys bonanza amid Russia-West tensions

Belarus tries to cash in on its new role as bridge between Russia and West

Updated 06 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Rising anger as Nicaragua canal to break ground

Nicaragua canal plan sparks anger as residents fear displacement; backers vow economic boom

Updated 06 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Tourism suffers in winter of EU-Russia discontent

EU's Alpine tourism hubs brace for fewer Russian visits amid Ukraine, ruble and oil-price pain

Updated 06 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Morocco's transgender dancer courts acceptance

The belly dancer who was once a man enthralls Morocco, yet yearns for official acceptance

Updated 16 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Iraq TV show makes 'terrorists' confront victims

Iraqi reality TV show brings convicted IS militants face-to-face with victims

Updated 16 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Experts expect surge in Cuba tourism under Obama opening

Experts expect surge in Cuba tourism under Obama's historic opening, easing of travel rules

Updated 16 minutes, 49 seconds ago

N. Korea threatens strikes on US amid hacking claims

North Korea threatens strikes on US for "reckless" rumors over Sony hacking

Updated 58 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Palestinian man arrested after foiled attack on soldier

Israel army says Palestinian man arrested after foiled attack on soldier

Updated 1 hours, 22 minutes ago

Iraqi Kurds push into contested northern town

Iraqi Kurdish fighters push into IS-held town in northern Iraq, touching off heavy fighting

Updated 1 hours, 32 minutes ago
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