11:51 pm, April 18, 2015

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Islamic State blamed for Afghan suicide bombing killing 35

Islamic State group blamed for Afghan suicide bombing killing 35, a potential major escalation

Updated 11 minutes, 12 seconds ago

2 Cuban dissidents up for election in unprecedented vote

2 dissidents up for election Sunday in unprecedented test of Cuba's single-party system

Updated 11 minutes, 15 seconds ago

The globe's record heat keeps on broiling into this year

Despite cold eastern US, world keeps setting heat records this year, weather service reports

Updated 21 minutes, 19 seconds ago

A bear hug: Croat village shelters bears as good neighbors

Living with nature: In Croatian village, people and 8 domesticated bears make easy neighbors

Updated 1 hours, 22 minutes ago

Australia arrests 5 for alleged IS-inspired terror plot

Australia arrests 5 teens on charges of plotting Islamic State group-inspired terror attack

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 07:58pm EDT

French replica of revolutionary frigate sets sail for Boston

Replica of French frigate sent to help American revolutionaries setting sail for Boston

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 07:34pm EDT

Pope asks Europe to do more for migrants flooding into Italy

Pope says huge numbers means Europe must pitch in more to help Italy struggling with migrants

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 05:44pm EDT

Iraqi soldiers enter refinery amid Islamic State attacks

Iraqi soldiers enter country's biggest refinery amid ongoing Islamic State attacks

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 05:44pm EDT

South Africa faces crisis over anti-immigrant attacks

South African president cancels foreign trip because of crisis over attacks on immigrant shops

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 05:44pm EDT

Egypt runners defy Cairo mayhem as sport's popularity grows

Egyptians take to the chaotic streets of Cairo in increasingly popular running clubs

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 05:44pm EDT

First WWI gas attack produced new horrors, changed warfare

Gas! First WWI attack a century ago spread horror on Flanders Fields, changed warfare forever

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 05:44pm EDT

Cyprus passes insolvency laws, clears rescue program hurdle

Cyprus passes laws to empower banks to manage toxic loans, clear way for more European-IMF aid

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 04:52pm EDT

Israel, Palestinians agree on tax revenue transfer

Israel, Palestinians agree on tax revenue transfer after spat over utility debts deduction

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 03:40pm EDT

Yemen militia says it is besieging rebels at strategic base

Yemen militia aligned with embattled president says it is besieging rebels at strategic base

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 01:34pm EDT

Rouhani says Saudis will harvest hatred in Yemen

Rouhani: Saudis will regret planting hatred in Yemen

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 12:40pm EDT

Turin Shroud goes back on display for faithful and curious

Interest keen in Shroud of Turin burial cloth, some coming back for second viewing in 5 years

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 12:29pm EDT

UN: Assailants attack convoy, kill 2, wound 1 in north Mali

UN: Assailants attack UN convoy, kill 2, wound 1 near Gao in north Mali

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 11:29am EDT

Obama, Renzi pledge to focus on threats from Libya

Obama says he and Renzi will work more intensely together on threats coming from Libya

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 07:26am EDT

Indian troops fire at Kashmir protesters; teenager killed

Indian troops fire at Kashmir protesters on 2nd day of violent clashes; teenager killed

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 07:02am EDT

Iraqi officials believe Saddam's top deputy killed

Iraqi officials say they believe Saddam's top deputy has been killed after years on the run

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 06:52am EDT
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