1:32 am, January 26, 2015

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Obama presides over India's grand Republic Day parade

Obama presides over grand Republic Day parade in show of solidarity between US, India

Updated 03 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Japan working to gain IS hostage's release, analyzing video

Japan working to gain release of remaining Islamic State group hostage; says 1 likely killed

Updated 03 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Ukraine: Phone calls prove rebels attacked city, killed 30

Ukraine says intercepted communications prove Russian-backed rebels attacked city, killed 30

Updated 00 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Images of shot Egypt protester revive criticism of police

Images of shot Egypt protester on eve of uprising anniversary revive focus on police violence

Updated 00 minutes, 19 seconds ago

WHO adopts reforms to repair reputation after bungling Ebola

World Health Organization adopts reforms after bungling Ebola response

Updated 04 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Tide turning in Ebola fight after hard lessons

Officials see potential tide turn in fight against Ebola, though not before thousands died

Updated 04 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Experts examine bones as Spain hunts for Cervantes' remains

Experts excavate 3 unidentified graves in Madrid chapel as Spain hunts for Cervantes' remains

Updated 00 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Art embraces science in new British play 'Oppenheimer'

Scientists are sexy: After Turing and Hawking, new play 'Oppenheimer' on atomic bomb creator

Updated 00 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Retrieval of more than 30 slain Filipinos commandos underway

Philippine forces retrieving bodies of more than 30 commandos in rebel base after fighting

Updated 11 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

Obama says US continues to pursue terrorist targets inside Yemen despite political vacuum

Updated 12 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Cuba digs in heels on concessions as part of better US ties

Cuba leaves talks on US ties insisting it won't make major changes to its system

Updated 12 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city, scores killed

Boko Haram attacks biggest city in northeastern Nigeria, dozens of fighters killed, wounded

Updated 12 minutes, 14 seconds ago

UK reviewing security after hoax call to Cameron

UK government reviews security after hoax caller managed to speak to Cameron

Updated 14 minutes, 21 seconds ago

French arrests raise question: Is free speech for all?

Double standard? Charlie Hebdo hailed for free speech as dozens arrested for defending terror

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 09:06pm EST

British Airways parent makes 3rd takeover bid for Aer Lingus

British Airways parent IAG makes 3rd bid for Aer Lingus, values Irish airline at 1.3B euros

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 08:02pm EST

Obama 'deeply concerned' about latest violence in Ukraine

Obama: 'deeply concerned' about Ukraine violence, approach toward Russia won't change

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 06:18pm EST

Iran foreign minister summoned to explain stroll with Kerry

Iran foreign minister summoned by parliament to explain friendly stroll with John Kerry

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 06:10pm EST

Iranian lawmakers honor Guard commander over IS victories

Report: Iranian lawmakers thank Guard commander for his victories against IS group

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 05:30pm EST

Jolie in Iraq, says more needed for Iraq and Syria refugees

Angelina Jolie visits Iraq, says international community 'failing' Iraqi and Syrian refugees

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 04:16pm EST

South Africa shaken by anti-immigrant riots

South African looters target immigrant shops in Johannesburg area, exposing social tensions

Sunday - 01/25/2015, 03:10pm EST
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