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Islamic State group becomes target of Arab satire

Arab satire tries to puncture mystique of Islamic State group as it marches across Syria, Iraq

Updated 55 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Cuba cracks down on goods in travelers' luggage

Cuba cracks down on multi-billion dollar flow of consumer goods in air passengers' luggage

Updated 05 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Battle-hit Ukraine village picks up the pieces

Residents in rebel-held village in east Ukraine pick up pieces as fighting rages on

Updated 07 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Aid flows into Iraq Shiite town after siege broken

Aid from Iraqi government, Red Crescent enters town of Amirli after Sunni siege broken

Updated 07 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Protesters briefly storm Pakistan state TV station

Pakistan state TV briefly off air as opposition protesters storm station, clash with police

Updated 07 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Belfast bomb alert snarls roads on IRA anniversary

Bomb threat shuts major motorway through Belfast on 20th anniversary of landmark IRA truce

Updated 07 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Spain orders custody for parents of ill UK boy

Spanish judge orders parents of UK boy with brain tumor to remain in custody for 72 hours

Updated 07 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

American tourists detained in North Korea expect trial soon; Bae says health deteriorating

Updated 07 minutes, 44 seconds ago

China anti-dissent playbook may fail in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's rising defiance in democracy battle challenges Beijing's playbook on dissent

Updated 07 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Moscow: Ukraine talks must back cease-fire now

New round of Ukraine talks in Belarus; Russia foreign minister calls for immediate cease-fire

Updated 10 minutes, 56 seconds ago

NATO plans high-readiness force to counter Russia

NATO planning new high-readiness 'spearhead' force to counter new threat from Russia

Updated 19 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Liberia extends stay-home order amid Ebola crisis

Liberia's president extends stay-home order amid Ebola crisis, says salaries to be paid

Updated 19 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Syrian rebels, government clash in Golan Heights

Syrian rebels, government troops clash in Golan Heights near Israeli frontier, activists say

Updated 23 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Turkey summons US diplomat over spying report

Turkey summons US diplomat over report of American, British spying

Updated 57 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Merkel: arming Kurds in Germany's interest

Merkel to lawmakers: arming Kurdish fighters carries risks but in Germany's own interest

Updated 59 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Ebola takes big toll on already poor health care

Ebola's toll on health care in W. Africa hits hard, will be felt for years to come

Updated 1 hours, 01 minutes ago

Israeli children return to school after Gaza war

After Gaza war, Israeli children go back to school after spending summer in bomb shelters

Updated 1 hours, 03 minutes ago

UN diplomats examine Islamic State alleged crimes

UN rights council asked to set up investigation into Islamic State group's alleged crimes

Monday - 09/01/2014, 08:44am EDT

Military action leaves Lesotho in power vacuum

Lesotho: King to appoint minister to run country as Prime Minister, deputy are in South Africa

Monday - 09/01/2014, 08:14am EDT

Poland's PM: Ukraine's war must be stopped now

Poland's PM says WWII anniversary stressed the need to stop the war in Ukraine

Monday - 09/01/2014, 08:08am EDT
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