12:17 pm, September 23, 2014

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Indian spacecraft on course to enter Mars orbit

Indian spacecraft on course to orbit Red Planet on 1st try, aims to explore Martian atmosphere

Updated 54 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Azerbaijan nabs 26 alleged militants

Azerbaijan arrests 26 people accused of joining Islamic State group, other militants in Syria

Updated 54 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Chad considering anti-gay legislation, says group

Chad considering new anti-gay legislation, says Amnesty International

Updated 54 minutes, 28 seconds ago

UN to leaders: Set 'new course' on climate change

More than 100 world leaders told at United Nations climate summit to act now on warming

Updated 54 minutes, 29 seconds ago

US: Ebola cases could hit 1.4 million by mid-Jan.

US health agency: Ebola cases could hit 1.4 million by mid-January in 2 countries alone

Updated 54 minutes, 30 seconds ago

South Africa makes nuclear deal with Russia

South Africa says it will get up to 8 nuclear reactors under deal signed with Russia

Updated 54 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Iran leader: Strikes in Syria illegal, no gov't OK

Iran's President Rouhani: Airstrikes in Syria illegal, not OK'd by Assad government

Updated 54 minutes, 37 seconds ago

US, Arab allies hit IS strongholds in Syria, Iraq

US, Arab allies hit IS strongholds in Syria, Iraq; US also strikes cell of al-Qaida veterans

Updated 54 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Russia proposes curbs for foreign media ownership

Russia's parliament gives preliminary approval of bill curbing foreign ownership in media

Updated 54 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Philips to separate lighting arm into new company

Philips continues break-up, now spinning off lighting arm into separate company

Updated 54 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Countries, companies pledge to end deforestation

More than 30 countries pledge to end forest loss by 2030, without key player Brazil

Updated 56 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Assad backs efforts to fight terrorism

Syrian president vows to keep fighting jihadis says he is with all efforts to fight terrorism

Updated 56 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Hamas suspects in slaying of Israeli teens killed

Israeli forces kill 2 Hamas men suspected in abduction and slaying of Israeli teens

Updated 56 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Life term for China scholar chills ethnic dialogue

Life sentence for moderate Chinese scholar likely to chill dialogue on ethnic tensions

Updated 56 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Sierra Leone considers repeating Ebola shutdown

Sierra Leone's president: Authorities considering another nationwide shutdown to fight Ebola

Updated 56 minutes, 52 seconds ago

China, US, India push world carbon emissions up

World carbon pollution up by nearly 800 million tons in 2013, mostly from China, US, India

Updated 58 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Kiribati leader visits Arctic on climate mission

Kiribati president tours Arctic glaciers ahead of UN climate summit

Updated 58 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Algerian troops search for kidnapped Frenchman

Algerian troops search for Frenchman kidnapped by former al-Qaida commander

Updated 00 minutes, 30 seconds ago

President: "foreign plot" behind Shiites' advances

Yemeni president: "foreign plot" behind Shiite rebels' advances in the capital

Updated 06 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Air France pilots protest as premier spurns strike

Air France pilots protest outside National Assembly, as prime minister denounces 8-day strike

Updated 07 minutes, 56 seconds ago
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