11:37 am, August 28, 2014

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Pope to honor dead on both sides of WWI next month

Pope to honor dead from both sides of World War I during visit to northern Italy

Updated 55 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Israel finds body where American went missing

Israeli police find an unidentified body in area where U.S student went missing last week

Updated 55 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Hundreds mourn famed Egyptian rights advocate

Hundreds of Egyptian activists attend funeral of prominent civil rights advocate

Updated 55 minutes, 38 seconds ago

France suggests Europe could help as Gaza monitor

French leader suggests Europe could help monitor Gaza cease-fire

Updated 55 minutes, 39 seconds ago

UN health agency urges crackdown on e-cigarettes

UN health agency says e-cigarettes must be regulated, sales to minors banned

Updated 55 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Minister: 2 people have died of Ebola in Congo

Minister says 2 people have died of Ebola in Congo, cases unrelated to West Africa outbreak

Updated 55 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Egypt's Morsi accused of leaking secrets to Qatar

Egypt probing allegations ousted Islamist President Morsi leaked secret documents to Qatar

Updated 01 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Russian columns enter Ukraine; leader urges calm

Russian military columns invade Ukraine; leader urges Ukrainians to resist panic

Updated 01 minutes, 10 seconds ago

US to begin safety testing Ebola vaccine next week

Feds: US testing of Ebola vaccine for safety to start next week with 20 healthy patients

Updated 01 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Islamic State group kills captured Syrian soldiers

Islamic State group kills more than 150 Syrian soldiers captured in battles in northeast

Updated 01 minutes, 16 seconds ago

UN: Ebola cases could eventually reach 20,000

World Health Organization says Ebola cases underreported, may eventually hit 20,000

Updated 01 minutes, 23 seconds ago

UN: Afghan election audit done around Sept. 10

UN: Audit of Afghanistan's disputed election should be complete around Sept. 10

Updated 01 minutes, 27 seconds ago

South African court orders release of tapes

South Africa court orders release of tapes used to drop corruption charges against president

Updated 01 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Israelis skeptical of PM's Gaza victory claim

Many Israelis skeptical of PM Netanyahu's claim of clear-cut victory in Gaza war, poll shows

Updated 01 minutes, 33 seconds ago

A look at the Islamic State militants in Syria

Islamic State extremists rooted in Syria, home to the group's declared capital and power base

Updated 01 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Shaun the shaggy Aussie sheep finally shorn smooth

Once a woolly wanderer, Shaun the Aussie sheep shorn smooth, but alas, wasn't shaggiest of all

Updated 05 minutes, 19 seconds ago

A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades in S. Korea

Pooches in a pot? Pet-mad young Koreans say no to elders' taste for dog, prefer to raise pups

Updated 05 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Tim Hortons a big part of Canadian identity

Burger King's plan to buy Tim Hortons could take a bite out of Canada's national identity

Updated 13 minutes, 11 seconds ago

French leader banks on free market to save economy

From anti-finance crusader to pro-business: France's Hollande shifts stance as economy lags

Updated 13 minutes, 13 seconds ago

UN scientist with Ebola in Germany for treatment

World Health Organization scientist in Germany for Ebola treatment after Sierra Leone stint

Updated 15 minutes, 39 seconds ago
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