7:00 am, October 21, 2014

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Oscar Pistorius starts serving 5 year prison term

Oscar Pistorius taken away to jail to serve 5 years for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Updated 00 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Strike shuts Lisbon subway for 12th time this year

Strike shuts Lisbon subway for 12th time this year as workers fight company privatization

Updated 00 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Total CEO dead in runway crash; plow driver drunk

Total CEO killed in Russian runway crash; investigators say snowplow driver was drunk

Updated 03 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Bombings in and near Iraqi capital kill 19 people

Bombings in and near Baghdad kill 19 people, latest in relentless attacks in Iraq

Updated 03 minutes, 54 seconds ago

HK leader: Room to discuss election committee

Hong Kong leader says composition of election committee could be subject for talks

Updated 04 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Jerusalem buses over ad

Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack buses with ads promoting female worship at Jerusalem holy site

Updated 04 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Nepal vows new rules after worst trekking disaster

Nepal vows new safety rules for trekkers after deaths of 41 killed in blizzard, avalanches

Updated 04 minutes, 29 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: De la Renta's creations over the years

AP PHOTOS: De la Renta's creations over the years

Updated 12 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Head of Iran's chief clerical body dead at 83

Head of Iran's influential clerical body, Mohammadreza Mahdavi Kani, dead at 83

Updated 15 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Libya's persecuted people displaced again

Libya's persecuted Tawergha people displaced for the 2nd time amid clashes that left 65 dead

Updated 30 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Turkey says it helps Kurdish fighters enter Syria

After US airdrops, Turkey says it helps Iraqi Kurds enter Syria to fight Islamic State group

Updated 42 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Submarine hunt sends Cold War chill across Baltic

Swedish submarine hunt sends Cold War chill across Baltic Sea region

Updated 46 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Nigeria declared Ebola-free; 'spectacular success'

Nigeria declared Ebola-free in 'spectacular success story'; doctors say fluids saved lives

Updated 1 hours, 06 minutes ago

Lacking a plan, Abbas opts for rhetoric

Unable to come up with a new strategy, Abbas turns to more belligerent rhetoric

Updated 1 hours, 06 minutes ago

British royal couples' 2nd child due in April

UK royal palace says William and Kate's 2nd child due in April; no word on the baby's gender

Updated 1 hours, 34 minutes ago

Suicide, car bombings in Iraq kill at least 33

Suicide blast at Baghdad Shiite mosque, triple car bombing in Shiite city kill at least 33

Updated 1 hours, 34 minutes ago

WHO chief promises transparency on Ebola failures

WHO chief promises transparency over problems in containing spread of Ebola virus

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 04:36am EDT

EU seeks $1.27 billion in Ebola aid for W. Africa

EU foreign ministers seek $1.27 billion in aid to fight Ebola; reject halting direct flights

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 04:36am EDT

Kerry: 'Irresponsible' not to aid Kurds against IS

Kerry: 'Irresponsible' and 'morally very difficult' not to help Kurds fighting IS extremists

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 03:26am EDT

Yemen: Suicide bomber kills 10 Houthi rebels

Yemen: Suicide car bomber targets house used by Houthi rebels south of Sanaa, kills 10

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 03:18am EDT
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