3:19 am, April 28, 2015

Technology News

Apple's Mac is selling strong, iPad not so much

While Apple's iPhone is still the headliner, its supporting players turn in mixed results

Updated 24 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Forget the watch: Apple's iPhones are still the main event

Apple's latest earnings blow-out shows iPhone is still the engine behind company's success

Updated 25 minutes, 06 seconds ago

High court to consider lawsuits over personal data

Supreme Court will consider lawsuits against Web sites that publish inaccurate personal data

Updated 1 hours, 59 minutes ago

Discover discovers Apple Pay for its US cardholders

Discover cardholders get their Apple Pay, last of the major credit card networks to join

Updated 1 hours, 59 minutes ago

ESPN suing Verizon over unbundling of its sports channel

ESPN sues Verizon to raise stakes in showdown over unbundling of pay-TV channels

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 12:16am EDT

Comcast abandons Time Warner Cable bid after gov't pushback

Comcast spikes $45B Time Warner Cable deal that would have created Internet and TV giant

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 12:16am EDT

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 ways it's different

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 ways the military shooter sequel is different

Monday - 04/27/2015, 07:16pm EDT

Winners and losers of the demise of the big Comcast deal

Comcast lost with its $45 billion bet on Time Warner Cable. So who won?

Monday - 04/27/2015, 07:16pm EDT

Court: Iowa casino doesn't have to pay $41M jackpot error

Court: Iowa casino doesn't have to pay grandmother who won $41M bonus in slot machine error

Monday - 04/27/2015, 10:28am EDT

New York begins effort to help startups navigate regulations

New York officials, law schools launch effort to help tech startups navigate regulations

Monday - 04/27/2015, 09:52am EDT

Google's 1Q reassures investors despite earnings miss

Google's 1st-quarter earnings, revenue fall below analyst estimates, stock still rises

Monday - 04/27/2015, 02:06am EDT

Microsoft results show company's shift, but is it enough?

After a year's honeymoon, Microsoft boss Nadella faces pressure to show results

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 01:10pm EDT

Correction: Amazon-Cloud Computing Business story

Correction: Amazon-Cloud Computing Business story

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 01:00pm EDT

Q&A: What's listeria and how is it traced to ice cream?

Q&A: Listeria in ice cream and how it's tracked from creamery to stores to consumers

Sunday - 04/26/2015, 11:28am EDT

Carter: Pentagon must do more to find insider cyber threats

Carter: Pentagon has more to do in detecting insider cyber threats

Saturday - 04/25/2015, 07:00am EDT

Google lavishes chairman with $109 million pay package

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt reaps $109 million in 2014 pay as company's stock falls 5 percent

Friday - 04/24/2015, 11:10pm EDT

Cablevision cuts lowest Internet-only price, adds antenna

Cablevision cuts lowest Internet-only price, adds antenna in aim at cord-cutters

Friday - 04/24/2015, 07:30pm EDT

As PayPal split looms, eBay plans to think small

EBay seeks to reinvigorate its marketplaces business as split with PayPal looms

Friday - 04/24/2015, 12:02pm EDT

Study: Self-driving 'taxibots' could replace 9 in 10 cars

Self-driving 'taxibots' could cut number of cars in cities by 90 percent, study suggests

Friday - 04/24/2015, 01:10am EDT

Google wireless phone service challenges major carriers

Google launches low-cost wireless phone services that won't charge customers for unused data

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 08:58pm EDT

New plane tracking to be tested after Malaysia jet mystery

Better aircraft tracking method to be tested in wake of Malaysia plane's disappearance

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 01:28pm EST

Google, Facebook update contrasting plans to connect world

Google, Facebook give updates on contrasting plans to connect rest of world

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 12:00pm EST
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