6:38 pm, March 2, 2015

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LA police chief: Man killed on Skid Row reached for gun

LA police chief: rookie shouted 'he has my gun' before officers opened fire in Skid Row death

Updated 05 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Georgia woman nears execution for husband's murder

Georgia prepares first execution of a woman in 70 years; inmate had husband murdered

Updated 05 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Nurse who survived Ebola sues Dallas hospital system

Nurse who survived Ebola after contracting virus from patient sues Dallas hospital system

Updated 05 minutes, 21 seconds ago

$4.8M in gold bars stolen in armored truck heist on highway

Robbers take 275 pounds of gold bars worth $4.5M from armored truck on side of interstate

Updated 01 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Heavy snow hits Arizona, hail turns California beach white

Heavy snow hits northern Arizona, hail turns California beach white; ice causes woes elsewhere

Updated 05 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Snowy Boston starts removing parking-space savers

Bostonians fear rising tensions as city removes lawn chairs and other parking-space savers

Updated 05 minutes, 40 seconds ago

New FDA official inherits raft of projects, challenges

Duke University expert joins FDA at critical juncture for drug, tobacco oversight

Updated 01 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Mom convicted of killing son, 5, by poisoning him with salt

Mom who blogged about son's constant health woes is convicted of his salt-poisoning death

Updated 06 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Ice slows business, traffic on Northeast, Midwest waterways

Winter of heavy ice slows businesses and traffic on Northeast, Midwest waterways

Updated 06 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Parole board: No clemency for Ga. woman nearing execution

Ga. woman nearing execution: state parole board lets stand a decision denying her clemency

Updated 09 minutes, 08 seconds ago

'Suge' Knight taken to hospital after court hearing

Former rap mogul taken to hospital after court hearing, tells judge he's going blind

Updated 00 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Amish jailed in beard-cutting attacks win lower sentences

Ohio Amish convicted in beard-chopping attacks receive lower sentences

Updated 24 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Syria's civil war linked partly to drought, global warming

Studies: Global warming worsened droughts in California, Syria, contributing to Syrian chaos

Updated 31 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Spacewalking astronauts finish extensive, tricky cable job

Spacewalking astronauts finish extensive, tricky cable job, routing 764 feet outside station

Updated 32 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Crop herbicides play a role in shrinking monarch population

Crop herbicides play role in shrinking monarch butterfly population; agribusiness pledges help

Updated 32 minutes, 28 seconds ago

New chief to oversee DC fire dept. after Metro accident

DC fire department, criticized for response to fatal subway accident, gets new chief

Updated 38 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Budget standoff leaves California college hopefuls in limbo

Standoff over University of California budget may leave more college hopefuls on wait lists

Updated 42 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Feds want boat panels brought to court to show Tsarnaev note

Feds want to bring pieces of boat to court to show jury what they say is Tsarnaev's confession

Updated 1 hours, 08 minutes ago

Dearth of jobs a barrier to post-bankruptcy Detroit's growth

Long commutes to low-paying work: Dearth of jobs a barrier to post-bankruptcy Detroit's growth

Monday - 03/02/2015, 12:12pm EST

Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies

Leonard Nimoy, world famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek' TV series and films, dies at 83

Monday - 03/02/2015, 07:12am EST
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