5:54 am, January 27, 2015

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The latest on the Northeast snowstorm

The latest on the Northeast storm: Maine government offices close; travel ban in Rhode Island

Updated 07 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Millions hunker down as Northeast storm totals downgraded

Tens of millions of Northeast residents hunker down for storms not quite as bad as predicted

Updated 00 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Sentencing day for Chicago twins who turned on cartel

Sentencing day for twin Chicago traffickers who turned on Mexican cartel

Updated 08 minutes, 09 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: A selection of Northeast snowstorm images

AP PHOTOS: A selection of editors' favorite images of the Northeast snowstorm

Updated 08 minutes, 11 seconds ago

5 things about the trans-Pacific balloon challenge

5 things: Balloon crew heading to North America in bid to break 2 records hits halfway mark

Updated 35 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Ex-Army prosecutor found guilty of rape at court-martial

Former Army prosecutor who handled sexual-assault cases found guilty of rape in court-martial

Updated 1 hours, 14 minutes ago

Denver police shoot, kill teen who struck officer with car

Denver police shoot, kill teenager who struck officer with stolen car; 4 others questioned

Updated 1 hours, 19 minutes ago

Drilling plan may restrict sensitive Arctic Ocean areas

Alaska officials say offshore drilling plan likely to take some Arctic locations off table

Updated 1 hours, 54 minutes ago

Hundreds testify in Idaho Capitol for 'Add the Words' bill

Gay rights advocates, religious freedom supporters speak out on Idaho's 'Add the Words' bill

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:30am EST

Ex-Boy Scout describes mental scars left by abuse at trial

Former Boy Scout describes emotional scars left by abuse from volunteer in California trial

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:22am EST

Snowstorm threatens to paralyze the crowded Northeast US

Fierce snowstorm could paralyze Northeast US for days; 'It's going to be ridiculous out there'

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:08am EST

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst Northeast snowstorms in last 60 years

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst snowstorms in Northeast US in last 60 years, plus a notable one from 1888

Monday - 01/26/2015, 09:46pm EST

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about sex-orientation bill

Idaho lawmakers hear testimony about bill that would have protections for sexual orientation

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST

Oklahoma could halt executions for Supreme Court drug review

Oklahoma looks to halt executions while Supreme Court reviews drug implicated in botched case

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST

Boeing, SpaceX will beat Russia on price for astronaut rides

Boeing, SpaceX capsules will beat Russia on price for US astronaut rides to space station

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:12pm EST

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto: Smile for the camera!

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto, starts snapping pictures Sunday: Smile for the camera!

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:12pm EST

Panic attack, bad back: Theater shooting brings jury excuses

Panic attacks, bad backs: Theater shooting brings out jury excuses, shows hardships of service

Monday - 01/26/2015, 06:05pm EST

Breached pipeline that spilled oil lies exposed on riverbed

Sonar indicates pipeline that spilled oil into Yellowstone River is exposed on riverbed

Monday - 01/26/2015, 05:00pm EST

Feds announce charges in New York Russian spy ring case

Feds announce charges in Russian spy ring case, say 3 defendants tried to recruit New Yorkers

Monday - 01/26/2015, 04:20pm EST

Measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Disney-linked measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Monday - 01/26/2015, 03:58pm EST
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