5:11 pm, May 3, 2015

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Suspect in NYPD officer shooting held without bail

Suspect arraigned on attempted murder charges in shooting of NYPD officer, held without bail

Updated 07 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Madison bans discrimination against atheists, non-religious

Wisconsin's liberal capital city grants same protections to atheists given to gays

Updated 09 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Texas the front line on high school ECG debate

Texas pushing toward being the 1st state to require ECGs for high school athletes

Updated 1 hours, 20 minutes ago

Stars speak out about Baltimore; others won't risk it

Some stars are speaking out about Baltimore, but at what risk, to what effect?

Updated 1 hours, 44 minutes ago

Tesla CEO plugs into new market with home battery system

Tesla's billionaire CEO vows to jolt electricity market with expansion into home batteries

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 01:32pm EDT

On 150th anniversary, Lincoln's hometown re-enacts funeral

For Lincoln's hometown, 150th anniversary funeral re-enactment is personal

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 12:10pm EDT

Experts: Convictions will be tough to win in Baltimore case

Charges came quickly in Baltimore police van death, but winning convictions may be tough

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 12:00pm EDT

The Latest: Arrested protester: Curfew law very egregious

The Latest: Protester says she was being arrested for 'very egregious curfew law'

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 11:07am EDT

Doomsday at Mercury: NASA craft falls from orbit into planet

Doomsday at Mercury: NASA spacecraft, Messenger, falls from orbit, slams into innermost planet

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 07:54am EDT

Study: Global warming to push 1 in 13 species to extinction

Baked to death? Study projects global warming will kill off 7.9 percent of world's species

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 07:54am EDT

Peaceful Baltimore demonstrators praise top prosecutor

Thousands at 'victory rally' celebrate charges against officers, praise Baltimore's prosecutor

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 02:50am EDT

Documentary on T-rex discovery leads to pardon request

T-rex documentary reignites interest in convicted paleontologist, leads to pardon request

Sunday - 05/03/2015, 12:40am EDT

Across country, police scrutinized after Baltimore arrests

Charges against Baltimore officers could have chilling effect on law enforcement nationwide

Saturday - 05/02/2015, 12:58pm EDT

May Day demonstrators clash with police in Pacific Northwest

May Day demonstrators clash with police in Pacific NW; other marches address police brutality

Saturday - 05/02/2015, 11:22am EDT

3 former Christie allies charged in bridge scandal

3 former allies of Gov. Chris Christie charged in bridge scandal; Christie is not implicated

Saturday - 05/02/2015, 04:14am EDT

Sherpas face uncertain future following Everest avalanche

Sherpas face uncertain future following earthquake, Mount Everest avalanche

Saturday - 05/02/2015, 02:26am EDT

Feds: Criminal charges dropped in huge California wildfire

Prosecutors drop criminal case against hunter accused of starting historic Yosemite fire

Friday - 05/01/2015, 11:20pm EDT

Records show worries over Baltimore officer's mental health

Records show worries over mental stability of Baltimore officer suspended in fatal incident

Friday - 05/01/2015, 10:42pm EDT

Japan prime minister touts economic synergy with US in visit

Japan prime minister touts trans-Pacific 'synergy' with US in visit to Los Angeles

Friday - 05/01/2015, 08:13pm EDT

Things to know in the New Jersey bridge closure case

Things to know in the New Jersey bridge closure case

Friday - 05/01/2015, 07:48pm EDT
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