9:12 pm, February 27, 2015

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Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies

Leonard Nimoy, world famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek' TV series and films, dies at 83

Updated 01 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Some California farmers to go without federal water

Some California farmers will get no federal water, meaning fields could go unplanted

Updated 11 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Parents of slain journalist: Next 'Jihadi John' is on way

Parents of slain US journalist discuss militant from video: The next 'Jihadi John' is on way

Updated 11 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Gunman kills 7, commits suicide, in house-to-house rampage

Gunman kills 7, commits suicide in house-to-house rampage; mother's death may have set him off

Updated 14 minutes, 27 seconds ago

As tastes change, big food makers try hipster guises

As tastes change, food companies try donning hipster guises

Updated 14 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Facebook adds new gender option for users: fill in the blank

Facebook adds new fill-in-the-blank gender option for those who don't fit site's 58 choices

Updated 23 minutes, 56 seconds ago

NASA approves Sunday spacewalk despite water leak in helmet

NASA approves Sunday spacewalk despite water leak in helmet, 3rd outing in 1½ weeks

Updated 31 minutes, 54 seconds ago

$150K dress worn by Lupita Nyong'o at Oscars reported stolen

$150K custom dress worn by Lupita Nyong'o at Oscars reported stolen; detectives investigating

Friday - 02/27/2015, 06:08pm EST

Driver freed without charges in California train crash

Man freed without charges as feds probe why he drove on train tracks before California crash

Friday - 02/27/2015, 05:58pm EST

Indiana may allow 'baby boxes' for surrendering newborns

Indiana may be first state to allow 'baby boxes' for anonymous, safe surrender of newborns

Friday - 02/27/2015, 05:58pm EST

Notre Dame president credited for transforming school dies

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, activist who transformed Notre Dame into academic power, dies at 97

Friday - 02/27/2015, 05:04pm EST

LA teachers, union leaders rally amid stalled talks

Thousands of LA teachers, union heads rally in largest action yet amid stalled contract talks

Friday - 02/27/2015, 03:38pm EST

Panel: Use new meningitis vaccines only for outbreaks

Panel recommends new meningitis vaccines only for outbreaks, not routine shots

Friday - 02/27/2015, 03:20pm EST

Feds: 3 accused in Islamic State plot had vocalized beliefs

Feds: 3 accused in Islamic State plot vocalized their commitment and desire to join extremists

Friday - 02/27/2015, 10:04am EST

Spacewalking astronaut safe after water leaks into helmet

Spacewalking astronaut safe after water leak into helmet, not nearly as much as 2013 mishap

Friday - 02/27/2015, 05:20am EST

No charges yet for pickup driver in train crash 'mistake'

Prosecutors say no charges yet for pickup driver in train crash that feds call 'mistake'

Friday - 02/27/2015, 02:30am EST

Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations

Virginia legislature agrees to compensate victims of forced, state-sponsored sterilizations

Friday - 02/27/2015, 02:00am EST

Police call death of Missouri auditor an 'apparent suicide'

Police: Missouri Auditor Schweich died of single gunshot in 'apparent suicide' at his home

Friday - 02/27/2015, 01:56am EST

Medical pot proposal passes first test in conservative Utah

Bill allowing marijuana use for medical reasons passes first key vote in conservative Utah

Friday - 02/27/2015, 01:32am EST

Los Angeles police ID suspect in fatal street race

Los Angeles police ID suspect sought after street race leaves 2 spectators dead, another hurt

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 10:44pm EST

Experts say Oregon probe focusing on financial crimes

Legal experts say federal investigation appears to be focusing on corruption, financial crime

Sunday - 02/15/2015, 10:40pm EST

Preliminary hearing set for girls in Slender Man stabbing

Preliminary hearing set for 2 Wisconsin girls accused in Slender Man stabbing of classmate

Sunday - 02/15/2015, 05:50pm EST
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