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Things to know about Internet vulnerabilities in the US

A few things to know about Internet infrastructure and its vulnerabilities in the US

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Backup options for Internet lines can be costly, complicated

Backup options for Internet lines can be costly, complicated; government does not require them

Updated 00 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Internet outages reveal gaps in US broadband infrastructure

Vandalism and other Internet outages reveal lack of backup systems for US broadband service

Updated 00 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Feds: Baltimore jail illegally keeping juveniles in solitary

Federal civil rights review: Baltimore jail illegally keeping teens in solitary confinement

Updated 03 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox in US

Updated 03 minutes, 01 seconds ago

NYC police to determine if 6 missing are connected to blast

NYC police seek to determine if 6 people reported missing are connected to apparent gas blast

Updated 03 minutes, 25 seconds ago

University of Oklahoma to disclose fraternity probe findings

University of Oklahoma to disclose findings of investigation into racist fraternity chant

Updated 04 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Toilets, lingerie, shacking up: Some of Florida's odd bills

Toilets, lingerie, shacking up: Florida legislators take on odd topics in some bills

Updated 04 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Woman accused of kidnap plot created business persona online

Woman accused in California kidnap plot that left baby dead branded herself a business mogul

Updated 04 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Death of baby cut from womb doesn't lead to murder charge

Woman accused of cutting baby from stranger's belly won't face murder charge, prosecutors say

Updated 36 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Grateful Oklahomans salvage belongings after killer storm

Oklahomans grateful for low casualties in twister, understand worst storms could come

Updated 38 minutes, 08 seconds ago

NASA details plans to pluck rock off asteroid, explore it

NASA: 2020 launch of big mission where robot grabs rock off asteroid for astronauts to explore

Updated 38 minutes, 18 seconds ago

American, Russian leaving Earth for year at space station

2 men leaving Earth this week for year in space: American and Russian flying for science

Updated 38 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Hernandez's fiancee takes stand in murder case; juror leaves

Aaron Hernandez's fiancee takes stand in murder trial; juror dismissed for personal reasons

Updated 47 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Lawyer says kidnapping wasn't hoax, woman talking to police

Lawyer says kidnapping wasn't a hoax, woman cooperating with police

Friday - 03/27/2015, 11:30am EDT

Recording: Sterling wanted to give woman 'everything'

Woman whose recording led to sale of LA Clippers testifies of love for ex-owner, hate for wife

Friday - 03/27/2015, 10:16am EDT

Authorities: 2 people unaccounted for in NYC blast

Authorities: 2 people unaccounted for in apparent gas explosion in NYC's East Village

Friday - 03/27/2015, 09:59am EDT

US: Chicago-area cousins planned US terrorist attack

US: Chicago-area National Guard soldier and cousin planned to bring 'flames of war' to US

Friday - 03/27/2015, 08:30am EDT

Filing: Teen says mom killed her siblings found in freezer

Filing: Detroit girl says mother killed her siblings, made her put sister's body in freezer

Friday - 03/27/2015, 07:08am EDT

Mentally stable at 38,000 feet: Can you trust your pilot?

Can you trust your pilot? Crash of German airliner is certain to make passengers uneasy

Friday - 03/27/2015, 06:58am EDT
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