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N Korea-linked Sony hack may be costliest ever

Sony faces losses on multiple fronts from unprecedented cyberattack linked to North Korea

Updated 00 minutes, 27 seconds ago

$10 million in stolen Los Angeles art recovered

Authorities recover 9 artworks valued at $10 million stolen from Los Angeles home in 2008

Updated 00 minutes, 40 seconds ago

1 dead, several injured as car hits pedestrians

Police: 1 dead, several injured after car hits group of pedestrians on California street

Updated 02 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Prosecutor to mom: Bring daughter out of hiding

Prosecutor: Mom who fled with girl in custody dispute years ago should bring her out of hiding

Updated 02 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Exiles divided on plans to thaw US-Cuba relations

Exiles express outrage, surprise and support for US-Cuba plans to normalize relations

Updated 00 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Year after W.Va. river spill, execs face charges

Year after W.Va. chemical spill tainted drinking water for thousands, executives face charges

Updated 00 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Circus disputes citation for hair-hanging accident

Circus disputes federal citation for accident that injured 8 hair-hanging acrobats

Updated 00 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Q&A: Drones might help show how tornados form

Q&A: Drones can peer inside big Midwest storms, might help explain how tornados form

Updated 18 minutes, 54 seconds ago

NY rapper Bobby Shmurda faces gun, drug charges

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda to be arraigned on gun and narcotics charges

Updated 27 minutes, 55 seconds ago

14 charged in deadly 2012 meningitis outbreak

14 employees at 'filthy' pharmacy charged in meningitis outbreak that killed 64 patients

Updated 30 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Court documents: Suspect destroyed kidnap evidence

Indictment: New Hampshire suspect destroyed evidence of kidnap, sex assault of teenager

Updated 41 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Marathon bombing suspect due in court Thursday

Marathon bombing suspect due back in federal court in 1st appearance since July 2013

Updated 1 hours, 00 minutes ago

Catskills hang hopes of revival on new casino

From Blintz to Blackjack: Old Borscht Belt sees revival hopes in resort casino

Updated 1 hours, 23 minutes ago

Study: Alcatraz inmates could have survived escape

Scientists: Alcatraz prisoners could have survived famous 1962 escape; bodies never found

Updated 1 hours, 24 minutes ago

California gets more rain, 1 big mudslide

California storms unleash freeway mudslide, boost rain, snowfall amid drought

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 10:59pm EST

AP EXPLAINS: Montana's 'stand your ground law'

AP EXPLAINS: Montana's 'stand your ground law' in the case of German exchange student's death

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 09:40pm EST

Apple wins class-action lawsuit over iPod prices

After just a few hours of deliberation, jury finds in favor of Apple in iPod class-action suit

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 08:44pm EST

Officers cleared in killing of FSU gunman

Grand jury clears 5 officers in killing of FSU gunman; says 'heroic' actions saved lives

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 08:40pm EST

Ax, machete, pill bottles found by rampage suspect

Ax, machete, pill bottles found by rampage suspect's body; VA found ex-Marine not homicidal

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 07:40pm EST

NYC premiere of Rogen film canceled as threats fly

Sony barraged by more leaks, lawsuits, theaters pulling Rogen film after hackers' 9/11 threats

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 07:36pm EST

Sister, father of Yemen hostage plead for his life

Sister, father of kidnapped American photojournalist plead for his life

Saturday - 12/06/2014, 06:46am EST
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