10:04 am, May 23, 2015

2010 and Beyond

In our series, 2010 and Beyond, Federal News Radio takes a look at the top stories affecting the federal community in 2010 and how these issues will impact the government in 2011.


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2010 and Beyond: Top federal trends

GovLoop's Andrew Krzmarzick looks back at the "best of" lists in federal government.

Monday - 01/03/2011, 04:46pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Cloud computing to be 'game-changer'

Former deputy CIO of Interior and VA Ed Meagher said his top story of the year is cloud computing.

Wednesday - 12/22/2010, 03:31pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Opportunity in the age of austerity

Former EPA CIO Molly O'Neill highlights the top IT stories of this year in the DorobekINSIDER series, '2010 and Beyond.'

Tuesday - 12/21/2010, 07:25pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Causey on the ups and downs of the year

Senior correspondent Mike Causey said 2010 was a year of 180-degree swings for federal pay and benefits.

Tuesday - 12/21/2010, 05:10pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Midterm changes the pay debate

Gov Exec's Tom Shoop discusses his top stories of 2010.

Tuesday - 12/21/2010, 03:58pm EST

2010 and Beyond: TSP auto enrollment seen as huge success

Federal Thrift Investment Board's Tom Trabucco discusses how your TSP has changed over the last year and what to expect in 2011.

Monday - 12/20/2010, 05:46pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Hiring reform

The Partnership for Public Service's Tim McManus discusses his top story of the year -- hiring reform.

Friday - 12/17/2010, 04:33pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Explosion of Gov 2.0

Booz Allen's Steve Radick said the growth of Gov 2.0 is the top story of the year.

Friday - 12/17/2010, 04:21pm EST

2010 and Beyond: WikiLeaks to shape future of Gov 2.0

O'Reilly Media's Alex Howard discusses the top Gov 2.0 stories of the year.

Thursday - 12/16/2010, 05:29pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Follow the stimulus money

The Recovery Board's Earl Devaney outlines the development of the oversight program for the Recovery Act funds.

Wednesday - 12/15/2010, 03:58pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Health IT

Dr. Harry Greenspun, the chief medical officer for Dell, told the DorobekINSIDER how health IT has changed in 2010, as part of the series '2010 and Beyond.'

Wednesday - 12/15/2010, 03:43pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Open gov gains footing

CTO Aneesh Chopra said 2010 was the year of execution for the open government initiative.

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 06:10pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Speedy pay freeze

The Federal Drive's Amy Morris said the top story of 2010 was the proposed pay freeze.

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 04:20pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Election ushers in age of austerity

Former OPM Director Linda Springer discusses her top story of 2010 in the DorobekINSIDER series '2010 and Beyond.'

Monday - 12/13/2010, 05:13pm EST

2010 and Beyond: DoD efficiency initiatives

GWU professor Steve Schooner says the top story of 2010 were the efficiency initiatives at DoD.

Friday - 12/10/2010, 05:15pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Animosity against feds

Friday - 12/10/2010, 04:20pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Top four cybersecurity stories

Former intelligence CIO Dale Meyerrose discusses the top cyber stories of the year.

Thursday - 12/09/2010, 04:42pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Sustainable acquisition

Former head of the Coalition of Government Procurement, Larry Allen, discusses the move toward more sustainable government acquisition.

Thursday - 12/09/2010, 04:26pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Feds as scapegoats

Pat Niehaus, the National President of the Federal Managers Association, discusses how federal employees have become the country's scapegoats.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 05:57pm EST

POLL: What was the biggest story for government in 2010?

Poll on the biggest stories for 2010.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:11pm EST
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