1:40 am, September 18, 2014

National Capital Planning Commission News

D.C. landmarks balance security with access

Bill Dowd, the director for physical planning at the National Capital Planning Commission, joined the Federal Drive to discuss the challenges in maintaining security without impacting the public's accessibility to federal landmarks.

Tuesday - 09/13/2011, 09:31am EDT

Feds asked for input on transportation, workplace location issues

David Zaidain, a senior urban planner with the National Capital Planning Commission, joined the Federal Drive to discuss how updates to the commission's Comprehensive Plan could affect federal workers.

Tuesday - 08/16/2011, 10:10am EDT

How National Capital Planning Commission plan affects your office building

Christine Saum, chief urban designer at the National Capital Planning Commission, describes how the blueprint will impact federal facilities in local communities and BRAC-related activities.

Monday - 04/18/2011, 03:28pm EDT

NCPC planning fed workplaces of the future

The federal workplace of the future will have a lot going for it, especially how close it will be to transportation. We get details from NCPC Senior Urban Planner David Zaidain.

Tuesday - 11/09/2010, 10:08am EST

GOVgreen: Sustainability in the Federal Government

All Federal agencies are required to submit annual Sustainability Plans starting in June 2010. The plans must outline how the agency will meet the mandates of Executive Order 13514 to conserve more, consume less and substantially reduce its carbon footprint. In this interview, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) will talk about the key components of Sustainability Plans, including implementation, monitoring and challenges.

Monday - 05/31/2010, 10:26pm EDT

Changes are coming to Washington's green spaces

Washington has more green space per person than any other U.S. city of its size. The National Capital Planning Commission's Director of Intergovernmental affairs Julia Koster explains how federal and local agencies are working together to make them even better.

Wednesday - 04/07/2010, 10:30am EDT
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