11:20 am, May 23, 2015


The lessons and legacy of NSPS

The Defense Department's long experiment in a pay-for-performance system was supposed to provide a model for the rest of government. Instead, after six years and protracted legal battles, the National Security Personnel System. was abolished by Congress. With more than 225,000 employees, who were once covered by the system, now converted back to the General Schedule, Federal News Radio examines the lessons learned and legacy of NSPS.

Wednesday - 01/18/2012, 03:02pm EST

NSPS transition chief moves to missile agency

The man leading the transition of more than 200,000 defense civilian workers into new pay systems has accepted a job at the Missile Defense Agency.

Thursday - 06/02/2011, 02:32pm EDT

GAO: DoD lacks plan to evaluate transitioned NSPS employees

The Defense Department lacks details for how it will evaluate its 226,000 civilian employees after they transition from the merit-based National Security Personnel System to the General Schedule by the end of this year.

Thursday - 04/28/2011, 05:18pm EDT

AFGE pulls out of NSPS talks

The American Federation of Government Employees said Tuesday it will no longer participate in discussions related to the future status of DoD employees who had been part of the soon-to-be-terminated National Security Personnel System. The labor organization said "union-busting" activities by the Air Force were the reason for its decision.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 07:40am EDT

NSPS employees get 2.26 percent pay raise

Federal Times reports on the raise employees in the National Security Personnel System will be getting this month.

Tuesday - 01/11/2011, 04:17pm EST

NSPS transition on track

The massive shift of workers out of the National Security Personnel System over to the General Schedule is on track, Federal News Radio reports.

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 05:19pm EDT

NSPS transition 75 percent complete

The NSPS Transition Office is working itself out of a job. We get an update from director John James.

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 10:40am EDT

NSPS Afterthoughts

In politically super-charged Washington, the rule of thumb is this: never kick them UNTIL they are down. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the punching bag de jour is the fast-fading Bush administration's pay for performance plan. Some loved it, others hated it.

Thursday - 08/05/2010, 04:00am EDT

Report endorses pay for performance for Intel community

A recent report from the National Academy of Public Administration says the principles behind the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System are sound.

Monday - 06/14/2010, 05:31pm EDT

NSPS move cuts raises of the 'best and brightest'

Tens of thousands of federal employees may have their pay raises cut under the General Schedule for earning better raises under NSPS. Federal Managers Association's Patricia Niehaus explains.

Thursday - 06/10/2010, 10:45am EDT

Good Son of NSPS or Bride of Frankenstein

The demise of the Defense Department's controversial National Security Personnel System doesn't mean that it's totally dead or that something like it won't be coming to your federal agency soon. When it does, Senior Correspondent Mike Cause asks if it will be an improvement or new nightmare.

Thursday - 06/10/2010, 04:00am EDT

NSPS Express: Train Wreck or Rest Stop?

Are a quarter million Defense department civilians heading back to job-comfort and safety or are they heading for the bureaucratic version of a train wreck? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey takes you on, and off, the NSPS Express.

Tuesday - 06/08/2010, 04:00am EDT

NSPS Rollback Hopes and Fears

Did you ever hear of a GS 14 step 15? Some feds say that's what the National Security Personnel System created, and they love it. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discusses the rise and fall of the loved-hated NSPS program.

Wednesday - 05/26/2010, 04:00am EDT

NSPS Time Travelers Return to Earth

The National Security Personnel System space craft designed by Congress is in the process of returning to Earth. What will its 200,000 federal crew members find when they go back to their old offices? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the jury is still out.

Wednesday - 05/05/2010, 04:00am EDT

Is There Life After the NSPS?

Six years ago all sorts of people were fighting to prevent the National Security Personnel System from being implemented. Now, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey notes some people are saying that it worked well and is being buried prematurely.

Thursday - 04/22/2010, 04:00am EDT

3 Steps to a Million $$$ TSP Account

Building a TSP account worth a million dollars or more is not rocket science according to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. He's got the three-step formula which he outlines in today's column.

Wednesday - 04/21/2010, 04:00am EDT

NSPS: the end is near

The Pentagon has named John James Director of the NSPS Transition Office. He joins us with a look at the future of NSPS and pay for performance.

Wednesday - 04/14/2010, 11:08am EDT

Preview: Where the NSPS transition stands

Hear a preview of tomorrow's Your Turn program.

Tuesday - 04/13/2010, 03:29pm EDT

HReinvented: Why NSPS didn't work

In our ongoing series, HReinvented, Ruby Butler DeMesme, Director of Human Capital Innovative Market Strategy for Deloitte and a former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force tells us why she believes one of the most infamous pay-for-performance systems, the National Security Personnel System, didn't work out as planned.

Friday - 04/09/2010, 11:38am EDT

HReinvented: Feds mixed on OPM's HR reform plans, survey finds

A new Federal News Radio survey finds that almost half of all respondents do not think federal human resource processes will improve. Employees also say they think most of the HR processes need to be overhauled, but think the GS System works.

Monday - 04/05/2010, 06:52am EDT
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