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Terrorists zero in on small scale East Coast attacks

Locations in Washington, New York and Boston may have been under surveillance by terror organizations for months -- and terrorists may try to launch numerous small scale attacks in the coming months, U.S. intelligence sources say.

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Thursday - 05/20/2010, 06:00am EDT

New tool bridges communications while on wheels

Law enforcement, fire and public works agencies have a new way to hear each other now, in California.

Tags: technology , TANDBERG Interoperability Center , DHS

Monday - 01/11/2010, 10:43am EST

National security depends on agencies' treatment of data

Analyst explains that, to successfully connect the dots, agencies should streamline their data.

Tags: technology , management , national security , connecting the dots , Babson College , Tom Davenport

Friday - 03/12/2010, 04:47pm EST

Challenge of connecting the dots is nothing new

New book examines an old problem -- how the government should effectively connect the dots while not violating privacy rights.

Tags: technology , management , contracting , DARPA , Shane Harris , National Journal , privacy , national security , Dorothy Ramienski

Monday - 03/08/2010, 07:45pm EST

Connections between terrorists abound

National Security correspondent J.J. Green reports.

Tags: management , national security , homeland security , J.J. Green ,

Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 05:56pm EST

Analysis: President plans better sharing of terror info

WFED's Jason Miller reports.

Tags: management , homeland security , Sharing , Jason Miller

Tuesday - 01/05/2010, 06:51pm EST

Terrorism Help

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the U.S. government has not done everything it can to educate and engage the public in preventing terrorism. Napolitano spoke Wednesday at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York before heading to ground zero. She said the public has been treated as a "liability to be protected," instead of an asset in maintaining the nation's security. Americans, she says, have a role along with local law enforcement, the federal government and the international community.

Tags: technology , Pentagon , homeland security , Janet Napolitano , security

Wednesday - 07/29/2009, 08:46pm EDT

Analysis: The Air Traffic Control System in an emergency

Federal News Radio gets analysis about how air traffic controllers handled that Christmas Day terrorist attack attempt.

Tags: technology , management , FAA , FAA Managers Association , David Conley , NextGen

Thursday - 12/31/2009, 11:56am EST

Terror Arrest

At least a half dozen people have been arrested in Britain on terrorism charges. Police took them into custody in pre-dawn raids in near London's Heathrow airport as a part of what they call a "complex" situation. The men range in age from 25-52. They were linked to an alleged overseas threat. Authorities would not say what region of the world had been targeted, but experts in the UK say Afghanistan was the place in question and the men appear to have been involved in recruiting for terror related activities in Afghanistan.

Tags: technology , Pentagon , Britain , Heathrow , Afghanistan

Thursday - 11/19/2009, 11:12am EST
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