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SPECIAL REPORT: DHS takes inspiration from tragedy

Advance research agency sees opportunity from Katrina, power blackout, other events to solve large-scale problems. Technologies are high risk, but high payoff.

Tags: Technology , Roger McGinnis , DHS Science and Technology , Homeland Security Advance Research and Technology , Army Corps of Engineers , electric grid , Levee repair , innovation ,

Thursday - 05/21/2009, 12:44pm EDT

SPECIAL REPORT: DHS creates bonds among first responders

Office of Interoperability and Compatibility connects community requirements with manufacturers. Technology gets developed by users, vendors together.

Tags: Technology , special report , DHS , Luke Berndt , Office of Science and Technology , Office Interoperability and Compatibility , interoperability , first responders , Safecom ,

Friday - 05/29/2009, 12:09pm EDT

DHS focuses cyber research on commercial market

DHS science and technology: A vision of what's possible - Part one of FederalNewsRadio's look into how the directorate moves ideas to the market.

Tags: Technology , Doug Maughan , Tom Cellucci , DHS , DoD , Energy , NSF , NASA , Telcordia , Secure64 , Ironkey , Cybersecurity ,

Thursday - 05/14/2009, 11:56am EDT

Office of Naval Research is proof of government's technology cutting edge

With billions of dollars spent annually for government technology, is the federal government on the cutting edge or behind the curve? What's the truth behind the stereotype? Concluding our week-long series, 'The Five Fallacies of Government', Federal News Radio's Max Cacas examines the stereotype: "The government is behind the technology curve."

Tags: fallacies , Technology , mngt , U.S. Navy , Office of Naval Research , electric rail gun , free-laser program

Friday - 10/23/2009, 06:40am EDT

Contracting System Needs a Tune-Up

Op-Ed: While the government is becoming a better buyer, contracting improvements are required.

Tags: fallacies , Contracting , Scott Amey , Project on Government Oversight

Monday - 10/19/2009, 08:44am EDT

Vendors face smaller profit margins from government work

Experts say agencies are a tough buyer, especially when purchasing commodity or commercial items. The government's size and push for competition makes it an intelligent buyer too. The government still struggles, however, when writing requirements, long-time contracting officials say.

Tags: Contracting , 5 Fallacies of Government? , fallacies , Gary Barth , Renny DiPentima , Jeremy Grant , Acquisition Solutions , Canon , SRA

Monday - 10/19/2009, 06:30am EDT

Shiny new facility opens doors and collaboration between the services

A service command, Fleet Forces Command, and the Joint Forces Command, a joint command, live on the same installation, collaborate, fund and see through to completion a single building for a dual, but combined purpose.

Tags: tech , fallacy , USJFCOM , FFC , Joint Deployment Center , Maritime Operations Center , Army , USMC , Navy , David Edgington

Friday - 10/23/2009, 09:27am EDT

Reality debunks the '9-to-5 Feds' stereotype

A common stereotype suggests that Federal workers enjoy cushy, 9-to-5 jobs. But is that true? Federal News Radio's Max Cacas continues our week-long special series, "The Five Fallacies of Government". Today: "Federal workers are in and out in 8 hours."

Tags: fallacies , management , Colleen Kelley , NTEU , John Gage , AFGE , Carol Bonnasarro , SEA , John Berry , OPM , Max Cacas

Tuesday - 10/20/2009, 07:17am EDT

Top Ten for 2010: USAF tanker deal predicted to be split in half

In our next installment of "Top Ten for 2010", Federal News Radio looks at a battle of two bidders.

Tags: Bold Predictions , Top Ten for 2010 , Boeing , Northrop Grumman , Barry Watts , Center for Strategic and Budgetary Analysis , Defense , Contracting

Wednesday - 01/06/2010, 09:35am EST

NOAA's new technology puts the super in supercomputing

One agency is a leader in super computing. And a big dose of stimulus money will keep it that way.

Tags: fallacy , tech , Contracting , IBM , supercomputing , NOAA , Joe Klimavicz , CIO

Friday - 10/23/2009, 10:37am EDT
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