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KSAs out, TalentLink in at Homeland Security

Homeland Security has direct authority to immediately hire up to 1,000 additional cyberspecialists.

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Wednesday - 10/21/2009, 12:00pm EDT

Analysis: why the dots weren't connected in airline bomb plot

The President says the government had enough information to thwart the Christmas Day attack ahead of time but that the intelligence community, though trained to do so, did not "connect those dots."

Tags: management , silos , TSA , Intelligence community , Ralph Basham

Wednesday - 01/06/2010, 10:20am EST

NIST updates cybersecurity guidance

A newly release updates recommendations for how to certify and accredit computer systems as secure.

Tags: cybersecurity , tech , Cybersecurity Update , NIST , McAfee , GAO , CERT

Thursday - 11/19/2009, 09:02am EST

Army worried about Wikileaks in secret report

Measure would force collaboration in cyber-crisis, Broadband plan would make FCC a player in cybersecurity framework

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Army , WikiLeaks , Cybersecurity Act , National Cybersecurity Advisor Act , FCC , National Broadband Plan , technology ,

Wednesday - 03/17/2010, 08:54am EDT

How a security clearance can put a surge in your wallet

You can make a lot more money when you have federal security clearance. But how to you go about getting it? And what do you do with clearance once you have it? Joining us with tips on advancing your career with clearance, is Evan Lesser, founder of

Tags: P&B , contracting , , Evan Lesser

Monday - 03/01/2010, 11:10am EST

Unisys survey shows shift in Americans security concerns

Unisys Vice President for Enterprise Security Mark Cohn explains how the federal government can use such information to shape public policy.

Tags: technology , management , Unisys , Mark Cohn , Dorothy Ramienski , 2009 Unisys Security Index

Tuesday - 10/27/2009, 03:21pm EDT
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