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Missile Shield

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Tuesday - 02/17/2009, 01:54pm EST

NIST offers help to secure wireless networks

From cell phones to Blackberrys to wireless cards in laptops, nearly every federal worker and contractor connects to the Internet wirelessly these days. But there is no federal standard for securing these connections.

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Friday - 02/13/2009, 07:33pm EST

Dead or Alive

Mustafa Abu Yazid, once refered to as Al Qaida's Chief Financial Officer was killed in Pakistan in August of 2008 ...or so we thought.

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Thursday - 02/12/2009, 08:17pm EST

Respect for Heroes

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a review of the Pentagon's policy banning media from taking pictures of flag-draped coffins of military dead.

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Wednesday - 02/11/2009, 07:41pm EST

Russian MiGs Grounded

A large part of Russia's air force fleet has been grounded for two months after a MiG fighter lost its tail on a training flight One third of that country's fighter jets are now said to be unsafe.

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Tuesday - 02/10/2009, 01:15pm EST

Alternative to Kygyzstan

Just days after Kyrgystan decided to evict the US from Manas airbase, Russia has stepped forward saying it will grant transit rights to U.S. military supplies bound for Afghanistan.

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Monday - 02/09/2009, 05:02pm EST

Arrested with $10 million dollars

Egyptian security officials say they arrested a HAMAS member along their boder with the Gaza Strip.

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Thursday - 02/05/2009, 07:35pm EST

Pentagon Recommends National Security Plan

National security planning and budgeting cannot be done by the Pentagon alone.

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Wednesday - 02/04/2009, 07:06am EST

SIM Crack Down

Pakistani authorities are tightening security around mobile phones.

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Tuesday - 02/03/2009, 07:17pm EST

Turning Over A New Leaf

Sen. Carl Levin, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, said Friday he believes the time is ripe for the U.S. to pursue a fresh partnership with Russia aimed at deterring Iranian missiles.

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Monday - 02/02/2009, 03:30pm EST
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