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Special savings plan for CSRS types

How would you like the option to amass a separate tax-free retirement fund in addition to the CSRS annuity you will get when you retire from government? asks Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

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Monday - 05/04/2015, 03:00am EDT

Military-style personnel system could smooth path to next-generation workforce

Retired Navy Adm. John Harvey, a former commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command and currently the secretary of of Veterans and Defense Affairs for the Commonwealth of Virginia, said too much civilian workforce planning is left to chance. A more structured approach and funding would make a huge difference, he said.

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Thursday - 04/30/2015, 04:04pm EDT

Non-binding budget plan omits retirement contribution hike

Republican leaders in the House and Senate passed a compromise bill that seeks significant cuts to agency operating budgets, while boosting Defense spending. Absent from the non-binding plan is mention of an increase in federal employees' contributions to their retirement plans.

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Friday - 05/01/2015, 04:43pm EDT

White House punts on military retirement reforms, House presses for changes

The Obama administration said Thursday that it not yet ready to express its views on key military compensation issues including health care and retirement, even after two years of study. A key House committee says retirement has been studied enough.

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Friday - 05/01/2015, 04:20am EDT

Julia Ziegler, Managing Editor,

The retirement tsunami has been the boogeyman of federal HR people for years. So far, though, the wave has never hit. What if that retirement tsunami never materializes? Managing Editor Julia Ziegler joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to share the results from our retirement survey and some of your thoughts.

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Friday - 05/01/2015, 10:17am EDT

Sean McCalley, Producer, Federal News Radio

Sixty-five percent of federal employees who are eligible retire choose to stay on the job, according to a Federal News Radio survey. The workforce is growing older, but holding off on retirement actually makes financial sense for many employees. As part of our special report, The Reverse Retirement Wave: Planning for a Workforce that's Aging in Place, Federal News Radio's Sean McCalley talked to Kim Weaver, the director of external affairs for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board. She's also putting off her last day to work and explains the financial reasons why many others do the same.

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Wednesday - 04/29/2015, 04:16pm EDT

TSP or an annuity? Look before you leap!

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey is away on assignment. But he still has a suggestion for readers on how to make their neighborhood financial planner happy.

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Friday - 05/01/2015, 03:00am EDT

Recruiting, retention key to bucking federal retirement trends

A reverse retirement wave is challenging chief human capital officers to rethink how they plan their workforce in FY 2020 and beyond. Two agencies -- one large, one medium -- described how to find success in one of the most important parts of that planning process: Building and maintaining a fluid pipeline of incoming and outgoing career employees.

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Thursday - 04/30/2015, 05:00am EDT

Feds ride the money, benefits wave longer than expected

For many federal employees, retiring well after they become eligible makes more sense than retiring the minute they reach that benchmark. As part of Federal News Radio's special report, The Reverse Retirement Wave, Kim Weaver, the director of External Affairs for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, explains her decision to hold off on jumping straight into life after federal service.

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Wednesday - 04/29/2015, 09:55am EDT

Feds choose to stay longer, creating new retirement bubble

The retirement tsunami has long been the "boogeyman" of federal HR managers -- that baby boomers would be leaving the civil service in droves as they became eligible for retirement. An exclusive Federal News Radio survey reveals that something else may be going on. In part 1 of our special report, The Reverse Retirement Wave, we explore why federal employees are opting to stay on the job longer even though they are eligible to retire.

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Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 02:00am EDT
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