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Dr. Steven Simon, National Cancer Institute

The first atomic explosion took place seven decades ago, but there's still fallout. The National Cancer Institute has embarked on a new study to examine cancer risks from that early detonation. Researchers want to know how many past and present cancer cases in New Mexico may have been induced by the explosion called Trinity. Dr. Steven Simon, head of Dosimetry Unit of the Radiation Epidemiology Branch at the National Cancer Institute, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with details.

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Thursday - 10/09/2014, 04:44pm EDT

DoD publishes radiation registry for its personnel

The Pentagon is publishing estimated radiation exposure levels for service members, families and defense contractors who were in Japan following last year's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

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Friday - 09/07/2012, 07:36am EDT

Some cell phones safer than others, tests find

Radiation levels differ sharply among cell phones.

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Sunday - 06/05/2011, 05:53pm EDT

Japan sea contamination not a big danger for humans

Philip Yam, managing editor of Scientific American online

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Tuesday - 04/05/2011, 07:05pm EDT

Developments likely confirm partial meltdown in Japan

David Biello, associate editor of energy & environment for Scientific American

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Monday - 03/28/2011, 05:46pm EDT

Japanese vegetables, livestock tainted from radiation

Mark Fischetti, Scientific American editor

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Monday - 03/21/2011, 12:01pm EDT

Radioactive material left unattended at Walter Reed

In May, two parcels of radioactive material were left under the counter of the hospital's main lobby for 44 hours until they were given to the proper recipient.

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Thursday - 08/26/2010, 12:21pm EDT