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Army Corps of Engineers looks to private sector to hasten waterway improvements

Congress has approved $8 billion for 26 inland waterway improvement projects. But, many of those projects won't be completed for another 50 to 60 years. The Army Corps of Engineers is looking to speed up the process through public private partnerships.

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Monday - 07/14/2014, 06:20pm EDT

Threat information sharing builds better cyber standards, expert says

Anne Neuberger, director of the National Security Agency's Commercial Solutions Center, explains the pluses and minuses of public-private partnerships for the cybersecurity world.

Tags: Anne Neuberger , NSA , Technology , cybersecurity , U.S. Chamber of Commerce , Michael OConnell , National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Thursday - 10/03/2013, 05:05pm EDT

Army Reserve leverages private sector money to train soldiers

The Army Reserve has kicked off a program where it will partner with the private sector to help fund its large-scale training exercises. Lt. Gen. Jeff Talley, the chief of the Army Reserve, said the initiative capitalizes on what he sees as one of the Reserve's strengths: its members' connection to private employers.

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Thursday - 08/29/2013, 05:16pm EDT

Postal Service needs centralized system to manage public-private partnerships

Public policy specialist Michael Kubayanda said the Postal Service would improve its partnerships with the private sector by creating a central office. USPS has a number of partnerships in different areas, including merchandise and real estate.

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Wednesday - 07/03/2013, 02:54pm EDT

CBP's costly border blunders

CBP, under Ahern's leadership, has proven singularly incapable of preventing drug smuggling across the US-Mexican border.

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Monday - 03/23/2009, 02:28pm EDT

Why public-private partnerships needed in cybersecurity

A report by TechAmerica shows that with the interconnected nature of the Internet and the ever evolving sophisticated threats, a public-private partnership is not just a good idea but a necessity.

Tags: Liesyl Franz , TechAmerica , Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 03/10/2011, 03:20pm EST

How to prevent the Internet from failing

Cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Hunker's new book outlines the problems with today's Internet and proposes ways to fix

Tags: Jeffrey Hunker , Creeping Failure , Internet , Technology , security , Y2K , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 02/10/2011, 03:26pm EST

Text-4-Baby exemplifies public-private partnership project

The Text-4-Baby program is a good example of a public-private partnership. Todd Park, chief technology officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, and Yvonne Green, director of the office of women's health at the Centers for Disease Control, joined the DorobekINSIDER to discuss the successes of the program.

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Wednesday - 10/27/2010, 06:22pm EDT

Homeland Security on a national mission

How to strengthen relationships, understanding and partnerships between the homeland's stakeholders.

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Friday - 11/06/2009, 10:40am EST