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Update on Libya protests

Tags: Libya , Brian Todd , Ruben Gomez , CNN , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 02:20pm EST

Will Egyptian protests spread throughout region?

CNN's Brian Todd discusses how protests have emerged in the Arab world.

Tags: Egypt , Tunisia , Iran , Brian Todd , CNN , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 04:11pm EST

Analysis: Egypt protests approach most dangerous period

CNN's Brian Todd predicts protesters will be in more danger when the global media turns its attention elsewhere.

Tags: Egypt , CNN , Brian Todd , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 02/09/2011, 01:15pm EST

State: Evacuation from Egypt was 'last resort'

James Pettit, deputy assistant secretary for the agency's Overseas Citizens Services, explains the logistics of evacuating personnel and U.S. citizens from Egypt.

Tags: James Pettit , State , evacuation , Egypt , Barack Obama , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 02/03/2011, 02:53pm EST

State orders staff to leave Libya

Tags: State , Libya , demonstrations , Jolie Lee

Monday - 02/21/2011, 02:59pm EST

The difference between the Middle East and the Middle West

Dave Ross, commentator

Tags: Dave Ross , Scott Walker , Wisconsin , Labor , Middle East

Monday - 02/21/2011, 09:01pm EST

Youth use social media as protest tool

David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times

Tags: David Sanger , New York Times , Egypt , Tunisia , Iran , social media ,

Tuesday - 02/15/2011, 09:11pm EST

State tweets in Arabic, Farsi as protests expands

Collaboration tools like Twitter have allowed agencies to communicate directly with constituents. For the State Department this week, the constituents have been the people and governments in the Arab world.

Tags: Collaboration Center , technology , State , Twitter , social media , Egypt , Arabic , Farsi , collaboration tools , digital diplomacy

Monday - 02/14/2011, 08:58pm EST

What's changed since last year's hike in protests to government contracts?

One year since a GAO report that found a hike in protests to government contracts, Dr. Stan Sloane, president and CEO of SRA International, explained what's changed.

Tags: Stan Sloane , SRA International , contracting , GAO , Dorobek Insider , In Depth , Francis Rose , Industry Chatter

Wednesday - 10/13/2010, 04:27pm EDT

Gunman had history protesting at Discovery

A man believed to have held three people hostage at the Discovery Communications building had a lengthy history of protesting against the company.

Tags: Discovery Communications , hostage situation , James J. Lee , Montgomery County Police

Wednesday - 09/01/2010, 06:37pm EDT